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REAL or Fake?:
Author Name (no username if you can help it):
Color Scheme (if applicable):
A one-paragraph summary:
Inspo pics/Ideas:

(Inspo pics do not have to be CC0. Just something to help me grasp what you’re looking for because sometimes words are not enoughllama.)


  1. @BlackKnight77 (delivered. text change Aug, 13~16)
  2. @byefromhell (delivered. text change Aug, 13~16)
  3. @ThatGuy1076 (payment received)

Order of doing your cover might fluctuate depending on the picture or request or if it’s fake or not. Nothing personallama, okay?

About Change and Delivery.

You can request text change (font, size, color, placement) 3 days after Delivery.

The date span will be notified to you in the delivery box when I deliver your cover. The time is strict. I may give you another extra day because of time difference, BUT usually after 3 days I will not accept text change. If that means you will not use the cover, TELL ME BLUNTLY.


bored llama

REAL or Fake?: Real
Title: Stuck With My Archenemy
Subtitle: n/a
Author Name (no username if you can help it): Andie B. Knight
Genre: Humor/Romance
Mood: Light
Color Scheme (if applicable): n/a
A one-paragraph summary:
When an employer and employee get abandoned by their bus driver on their way to a retreat on an unknown mountain with nothing but their backpacks, maps and each other’s company, they are forced to cooperate with each other in order to leave there in one piece.

Inspo pics: I don’t really have inspo pics but I was thinking like a tent out in the woods in a night setting. Something close to minimal (if you do that too). With a playful font style, not too serious.


Accepted! :smiley:


Great! I supposed now’s the time to do the payment. I’m on it.

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Also, when you say you must do your part as well concerning the commercial ones, what do you mean? :eyes:

REAL or Fake?: Fake
Title: Prince
Subtitle: The Royal Chronicles Part 1
Author Name (no username if you can help it): Casey H.
Genre: Fantasy
Mood: Dark
Color Scheme (if applicable): Gold & Black
A one-paragraph summary: A prince, a queen, a king. They are the royals.
Inspo pics:

Sorry, I made a mistake in the text. Fixed it.

Accepted :slight_smile:

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thank u x

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Done with payment!

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Text change available from Aug, 13 ~ Aug, 16. Time Zone: Japan.
I made two versions:
Simple Pic - HERE
Simple Graphic - HERE

REAL or Fake?: Real
Title: First to Fall
Subtitle: The Conclave (The name of the entire series FYI)
Author Name: C. Mihulka
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Mood: Basic. Not quite light, not super dark.
Color Scheme: N/A
A one-paragraph summary: It is a world where superheroes and superpowers are semi-common. The MC develops some, (obviously, because the book would suck otherwise), and has to work with a semi-secret organization to prevent a prison break that would release hundreds of supervillains and potentially collapse society.
Ideas and Inspiration: Really simple, I was thinking a police-type badge laying on some broken concrete like it was dropped. The badge would be a colourless symbol of earth with an eye stretching across the equator. (That is the symbol of the organization the MC is trying to help save, GAIA.)

Again, just a really simple design, and thank you in advance if you decide to make it!

Also, if you accept some time in the next 8 hours or so, I will probably be working. Once I get home, then I will do the payment as requested. =)

(Just had to confirm this because I once asked for a cover before I went to sleep, but because they accepted it when I was passed out, I wasn’t able to do the payment for a couple of hours and they cancelled because they thought I wouldn’t hold up my end of the bargain.)


And understood :wink: