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I specialize in Fantasy Covers. However, I can make other covers as well.

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Color Scheme:
Info About Book:
Anything I MUST include:
Anything I must NOT include:

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Example Covers:
aceaceace CoverExample CoverExample3 ExampleCover2

KoSHcover Longfellow premadeanisoptera premadeblessedmagic PremadeDarkQhispers premadesurvivors songofwinterwhite

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Wow, I’m suprised nobody requested covers here, those examples look amazing. I’m looking for a modern fantasy cover, are you still open?
Title: Wielders
Subtitle: Everything comes with a price
Author Name: Arcticwolf354
Color Scheme: Maybe rusted reds and golds? I actually have no idea what I want, completely open to ideas
Genre: Modern Fantasy, Teen magic.
Info about book: Ability Wielders are rare, but not unheard of. Most governments hunt them down to use in wars or special ops, they are like slaves to the governments, or prisoners. The main character is hiding from them, but also from another group who seek to murder every ability wielder in the world.
Ideas: Maybe a dark tall man in shadows overlooking a city with a teen boy on a sidewalk? Maybe a teen boy running down a street, a massive bird chasing him?(the magic users are shapeshifters)
Anything I MUST include: Not really set on anything, I’m open to whatever you think of
Anything I must NOT include: No werewolves, please.

Accepted! And thank you.

Honestly love this so much and would request except I have a working title, and I’m not sure how long I’m going to stick with it. But I really just wanted to tell you that you’re so talented and if you’re still offering this when I get my life together, I will definitely do it. These are great.

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Thank you!

Hey there! So, I tried to incorporate the idea of a main character running along a city sidewalk with a giant bird chasing after him, along with some golden and red themes (I took that to be broad so I came up with a sunset). Let me know if this is what you were looking for!


Not quite…I kind of wanted more of a magic implement on the cover

Magic similar to this, or am I still in the wrong ballpark?


Title: Icicle
Subtitle: None
Author Name: Ann Neon
Color Scheme: Something that has to do with ice or a white or grey scheme. If it’s possible I want it to be a cover with other landscapes or a beautiful landscape since adventure is included in the book.
Genre: Fantasy
Info about book: For Glee Spark, life was already very difficult, especially after the mysterious disappearance of her father in the middle of the sea, before waking up in another world as Amethyst Forste, the future queen of the largest Ice kingdom, Carste.

Amethyst learns about her real life and heritage… If only they were actually hers to begin with.

Not knowing how dangerous her existence is, she sets out to find out who and what she is . . .

If only it were that simple.

Ideas: Hmm… I can’t really think of any but I want the cover to be really attractive

Anything to be included: Hmm… Not really
Anything not to be included: Nothing

This is my current cover. I’m not exactly satisfied with it so I want something more eye catching.
I hope I’m not asking for too much

Hey there! I had a TON of ideas for this but ended up torn between two. I started off with the first one and LOVED it, but then I read a little of your story and saw that she had curly red hair, so I made another cover where the main person on it had the curly red hair. What do you think? Are either of these what you were looking for?

Icicle_cover_varient1 Icicle_cover

…kind of in the wrong ballpark. I’m sorry, I didn’t think I’d be super picky about this but I guess I am.

No problem! I’m sorry that I couldn’t make you a cover that worked for you. If you have any more ideas, or pictures you might like/that are similar, I can try again!

If not, I understand and thank you for letting me try!

Okay, I’ve uploaded these three pics, I’m not saying use these exact pictures but maybe something like this for the cover. I’m trying to figure out what I want still, but I think this is a good start.

Title: Lost Hope
Author Name: SummerSommer
Color Scheme: Blue, Gold, Silver, White
Genre: Fantasy/Action

Info About Book: It’s about people who are gifted trying to pretty much take back a destroyed world. But still have that Rich, Middle, Poor class system since the Government brought it back.Rebel groups popping up to try to disarmed the King and try to get the world back to what it was before. Main character is trying to figure out if she is up for the task to take the rightful leadership of the group she helped made, after her best friend disappeared and disbanded the group. Now members are asking her to restart the second largest group and take over the old leader to help the Saviors with taking down the System.

Ideas: I am hoping for a white or silver half mask that has decorations all over it. Mask decorated in blue, gold, white, silver, etc. A feather on top right face (If possible, have the feather be half white turning to gold). Since main character is trying to figure out if she can be the Boss of a group instead of a leader of the rebel group she is in.

Another idea: broken gold mask with the white one raising up.

Anything I MUST include: The feather and mask (since Lost Hope is pretty much a group who wears mask to hide theirselves from the enemy)

Anything I must NOT include: no faces please!

Hello, I like some of your covers, so I’ll ask you one, if you’re not too busy :

Title: Flame’s Inheritance
Author Name: Shagya
Color Scheme: Red
Genre: Fantasy
Info About Book: A young woman enters the university of magic in order to understand why her powers aren’t like the others : she can create fire and manipulate it easily (others can just manipulate it and with practice). Ancient legends will become real and a dark entity is craving for her power.

Ideas: you can work with the main character (she has red hair) in a center of a fire
you can include a pheonix if it fits with it
except that, you have no limits^^

Anything I MUST include: FIRE (XD)
Anything I must NOT include: celebrities / “real” people

Thank you


Accepted as well!

When you say “real” people, are models acceptable? I only use models and images that are not copyrighted and are free use to public. (All covers I make can be used to be published.) Or would you rather someone drawn/a “sims” type of character?

Thanks a lot. But I don’t really want either. It’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I hope I didn’t waste your time.
Well. In the later part of the book, she has white hair

Thanks ! Can you use digital arts like these ?

but I guess they are not free of use …
If you can’t do otherwise, you can use models (just no celebrities^^)