hey yall!! so i haven’t made graphics in a super long time and i would really like to give them another shot! on this thread i’ll be making banners, icons, and covers

to see my examples you can click the hyperlinks above in green!

the form can be found by clicking here. you just need to copy and paste the code and fill out the form where it says “type here”

please be nice and don’t get angry if i deny your request! sometimes i just have zero inspiration for a graphic and i don’t want to be giving out crap covers or whatever so be patient and don’t expect me to accept you all the time!!!

also, there is no password!


❅ 77 - cover - islandapricot - mr. schmidt


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requesting a: Banner
title: Devil in the Details
author: Bianca Di Cocco
ideas: So this is a bit of an odd request, but I’m actually looking for a banner that I could use on the Share Your Story thread. I’m working on a new draft of my book, and I want to put this banner on my ad (and most likely the first chapter of my book) to let people know that this version is new and improved. Basically, I don’t even need the title or my name on the banner: just the words “New and Improved!” Maybe in some sort of script font (I like the one you use in your Henley example)
genre/mood: I’d love if the banner had a similar feel to the cover of the book, which looks like this:

So like, whites and purples and such!
anything else: That’s it! Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:


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so just to be clear, you just want the colors and words? No model to anything?


requesting a: banner

title: Saskia Mercado

author: atlas (but the author name doesn’t have to be in the banner)

ideas: I was thinking the banner could be something like you did for the Lucky Blue Smith banner named “Alexei.” It would be like a character banner with Cindy Kimberly as the face claim! Maybe you could incorporate like the sun, sunset, waves and a very nature driven look. Her character is very badass, free going, loves to travel/wander.

genre/mood: Light-hearted, teen fiction, romance, chicklit. As for the colour scheme; it could be something like this as the story leans more towards the light-hearted, teen fiction romcom. the vibe has a happy, summery feeling to it.

anything else: That’s all, thank you for reading my request! I don’t see a password anywhere so I’m sorry if I missed it! Have a lovely day/night & your graphics are wonderful! :smile:

beautiful graphics

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Yes exactly! The background can have a design if you want (like swirls of colors or something), but no model needed.


requesting a: Banner
title: “Merry Little Christmas”
author: moonsity
ideas: I was thinking of a font similar to this ontop of a gif like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6
genre/mood: Cheery, holidays, happy, romantic
anything else: I didn’t see a password, please let me know if I missed it!!


requesting a: Cover
title: The devotion of a cowboy
author: Ashton Baggins
ideas: I was thinking of having Liam Payne with a cowboy hat on (maybe riding a horse or standing next to one as well) and a white area at the bottom (kind of like what you have for deleted memories Here’s another example of what I was thinking) and some cowboy boots or a lasso or both.
genre/mood: romance, light
anything else: thank you for looking this over



requesting a: cover

title: Yellow Hearts

author: Laura Ann Lee

ideas: I would like something similar to “Dirty Secrets” or “Generous”; If you go with “Dirty Secrets” I would like Zac Efron & Rosario Dawson (or) Scarlet Johansen; have a nice sensual, gloomy background and use a current photo of Zac, please. Maybe add yellow hearts. If you go with “Generous” I would like Zac Efron on the cover. You have full creativity.

genre/mood: teen-fic/romance

anything else: Thanks if you accept. could I request a second time


yay! thank you! :smiley:


requesting a: Banner for the background image on the Wattpad profile
ideas: Just a nice picture of BTS that won’t look janky as it does when I put it :laughing:
genre/mood: B&W, sexy, maybe some sparkles or transparent stars scattered throughout (my current bg image is ‘Parental advisory’ so yeah, I hope you get the feel)
anything else: Hoperfully you consider doing this for me! It’s nothing too complicated and it would be an immense help to me since graphics and I don’t go well together :see_no_evil:

accepted! i’ll see what i can do about the script font! the henley script is my handwriting but i dont have a tablet anymore so i’ll see what i can do with my ipad lol

accepted! there isn’t a password, i should probs mention that omg sorry

@imtotallynotokay accepted!!

@Moxxxii accepted! feel free to request as many graphics as you’d like

@teaa_mi accepted! do you have any specific pic you would like? im going to be real with you, i’ve never even heard of bts, so i won’t be able to tell the difference between old and new pics so if you have any favorite pics that would help! if not, that’s totally cool too! I’ll try to find a good one!!



i really hope this is what you were looking for!! if it’s not, just let me know and i’ll be happy to change anything or completely remake it! i also made a second one that’s a bit simpler

[open in new tab to enlarge]

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just dropping in to say your graphics are sooo pretty!

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thank you so much omg!!!


requesting a: Banner

title: “She put my name in yellow hearts.”

author: Laura Ann Lee (don’t add this though)

ideas: A background full of yellow hearts and yellow stars; have different photos of Zac Efron all over it. (Some from his high school musical days and some current ones) I would like the text to be in cursive. My book is about a school girl crush; so it should look like a diary or journal almost

genre/mood: Somewhat vibrant with some gloominess

anything else: Thanks if you accept.