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Welcome to my graphic shop! I’ve been making graphics for about two years now but I’ve been out of commission since last year due to personal reasons. I’m back now, though. And I want to get back into making graphics for you guys. I need to practice since I’m a little rusty after all this time, so I’ll be making covers for free for now. You have to still credit me if you decide to use the cover, though.


  1. Be patient.
  2. Fill out the form that’s on the next post completely.
  3. Let me know if you’re going to use the cover or not.
  4. Credit is a must.
  5. Payment is a permanent follow.
  6. The password is your favorite TV show or Netflix series.
  7. Don’t be rude.
  8. This isn’t first come, first served. Inspiration is everything to me so if I’m not feeling your cover at the moment then I won’t be working on it.
  9. Your request could be canceled at any time if I do not have any inspiration or wish to work on your cover - another reason why the aforementioned rule exists.
  10. If you make a request and I don’t hear from you in 48 hours after I said it was accepted, it will be denied. Or if during the process of making the cover I ask you something about it and you never reply, the request will be rejected.




where is the form?

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I was just about to post it when you wrote. Lol.

lol sorry

R E Q U E S T :tulip: F O R M

SUB-TITLE: (Optional)
AUTHOR: (Tell me an actual name, I don’t really like to work with usernames.)
GENRE: (Teen Fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, etc.)
SHORT DESCRIPTION: (Tell me what the story is about in 5 sentences or less.)
SPECIFIC IDEAS: (2 ideas minimum. Be as detailed as possible.)
PICTURES: (Optional) (Do you have any specific pictures in the cover? They go here.)
MOOD/THEME: (Dark, horror, fantasy, etc.)
COLOR SCHEME: (Black and white, warm colors, blue, etc.)
INSPIRATION: (Did you like a cover you saw and think it would look nice for your story? Put it here.)

NOTE: Everything in the form is mandatory to fill out, except for the parts that says optional. Failure to do so may result in an immediate rejection of your request.




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The new one is here.

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Don’t worry about it.:smile:

The form is post it now, by the way.

[quote=“lrafael98, post:5, topic:18506”]
TITLE: Bound by Fate
SUB-TITLE: (Optional)
AUTHOR: Daniella Lombardi
GENRE: Romance, Suspense. Paranormal
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Ophelia was anything but an ordinary girl. Due to her dangerous past, she and her mother had to move from everything she has ever now to Minnesota. There, she meets a guy named Dimitri and her life takes an interesting turn.

Dimitri was not only a werewolf, but also the alpha to the largest and most powerful pack in the nation. He had been searching for his mate for over three years. To his surprise, he finds that his mate is Ophelia and to top it off, she was human, and with a dangerous past. Life sure was funny.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: a girl running with a wolf on top with a full moon,
PICTURES: (Face claim or anything similar goes here.)
MOOD/THEME: whimsical, dark
COLOR SCHEME: black, dark blue, grey, sliver
INSPIRATION: a full moon of a girl looking back and she has a tattoo if ravens maybe a wolf somehwere on it
ANYTHING ELSE: (Optional) thank you
PASSWORD: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Thank you for requesting.

OMG. I’m so excited for this one. I am actually inspired for it. And I don’t know why but when I heard that she had to move and that the guy is a werewolf it made me think of the cover from the Freeks book by Amanda Hocking. Dunno. I’ll post a picture of the cover of her book so you can see it.

By the way, have you seen any designs for the cover of your story or something like that? That’s what I was going for with the inspiration part on the form. But it’s fine because it’s my bad. You’re accepted anyways.:smile:

UPDATE: Uh, do you have anyone in mind when you think of your characters, a model or some artist? Or do they have any specific characteristics (example: blonde hair, dark skin, tattoos, etc.)? Also, you didn’t mention any age range for the people in the cover but by the term “girl” you used when talking about Ophelia, she’s a teenager then?

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TITLE: Daemons and Demigods
AUTHOR: Olivia Toye
GENRE: Fantasy
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Creatures from the underworld are coming out into the mortal world. A story in which gods meddle, demons bargain, and lords are tormented by beasts of their past. The characters are an Executioner and his apprentice who are out to hunt these beasts, and a large man and a young girl who have recently escaped from the Underworld. So mythology and shenanigans. The setting is all in cold snow and mountain pines.

SPECIFIC IDEAS: A design of a chinese-style dragon pendant in the center of the cover and that as the simple pull for the cover.

A teenage girl in a black dress/shift, black hair, facing a massive beast with large eyes emerging from a fog. There’s one that resembles a massive black dog, another that looks like a troll or grendle-esk from beowulf.

Just a background image that’s generally ominous. A forest with a figure in the distance, fog seeping through an environment.

If nothing else, an MC in the forefront along the lines of your frostbite, but in darker colors, I suppose.

The pendant itself can be whatever, but this gen idea??

Something in this tone??

MOOD/THEME: Horror/ Fantasy
COLOR SCHEME: Pale colors for a snowy landscape

ANYTHING ELSE: If these ideas sound terrible, feel free to ignore them

TITLE: Ignatius: The Final Hero (Title not italicized)
SUB-TITLE: Illusioned Reality (Subtitle not italicized)
AUTHOR: Artemis Kai
GENRE: Action, Suspense, Fantasy
SHORT DESCRIPTION: When the key Geneticist of a futuristic government defects, he takes the majority of the law-enforcing Heroes with him.
Ignatius is a young Pyromancer Hero forcibly promoted to make up for the lack of Heroes in her precinct. In charge of the last safe precinct in her nation, Ignatius must battle the overwhelming forces of the Geneticist in order to protect her people-- and the remnants of her nation.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: The cover must include flames; Ignatius is a Pyromancer, after all. Three people; Ignatius in the middle, a side character’s profile (Sylph) on the left hand side in relation to Ignatius, and another character’s profile (Tross) on the right hand side. Preferred background is basically a column of fire/flames (light from the fire reflected on the three’s skin and hair). Flaming wings might be an additional idea.

Another idea would be just a pair of flaming wings set against a black background.
PICTURES: Here’s Ignatius (would you mind moving her eyes so that they’re facing directly forward? And I’d like to have the picture up to her collarbones, eye color emphasized to a light shade of teal, please).

Here’s Sylph:
And this is Tross:

Here are the wings:

And here’s the fire (sorry it’s crooked)
MOOD/THEME: Dark, pyro-y. Dangerous; threatening.
COLOR SCHEME: Reds, oranges, yellows… and black.
INSPIRATION: Ummmm… sorry, I don’t have anything.
ANYTHING ELSE: thank you! I’m deeply sorry if this is oddly specific or is too specific.


Thank you for requesting.

I’m not really experienced with object based graphics but I can give it a try. But I think I could make two different versions of the cover and you choose whatever looks best.:smile:

And your ideas don’t sound terrible, they give me a sense of what you want and that’s the point. I like the inspiration pictures you placed since they kind of explained more what you wanted.

By the way, do you a specific time frame for the cover? Like, when is the latest that you’re expecting it? I’m kind of busy with schoolwork at the moment and an order that I haven’t finished yet. But I’ll start on your graphic sometime during this week. So, is this okay with you? If not, then you can take back the request placed.


Thank you for requesting.

Thank you for filling out the form completely and providing detailed ideas. But, um, do you want me to use those specific pictures for the characters or can I use another one from them? I’ve seen a lot of png packages on DeviantArt so that’s why I’m asking.

And, by the way, do you a specific time frame for the cover? Like, when is the latest that you’re expecting it? I’m kind of busy with schoolwork at the moment and an order currently running that I haven’t finished yet. But I’ll start on your graphic sometime during this week. So, is this okay with you? If not, then you can take back the request placed.

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she is a teenager and she has b lack her and amber like eyes (brown), the guy has black hair and hazel eyes

Okay. Lol. I have to look for another model then, the one I was using had blonde hair.

Sorry, I hope to get your cover done before Monday. I’m on finals right now and am going crazy with school. Ugh! But I’ll get your cover done soon, hopefully.

Not to worry. That’s fine with me. And, whatever you are comfortable with is fine by me.

Okay. Well, I’ll give it my best then.

Feel free to use different pictures :slight_smile:

And hey, no worries. I’m a student too, I understand. As long as it gets to me before November I’m fine with anything.
Thank you for asking, though.

TITLE: Demise

SUB-TITLE: True Love Never Fails

AUTHOR: Dr. Comics

GENRE: Vampire/Werewolf/Fantasy

SHORT DESCRIPTION: they were lovers at first sight but the world decided to make them suffer the consequences of being together. forbidden love at its highest, the monster world was coming to an end as they knew it, all because they had fallen in love…

SPECIFIC IDEAS: I would love the two characters in the front with a dark background possibly…


MOOD/THEME: Dark, Fantasy…Vampire/werewolf

COLOR SCHEME: darks, black and white with red

INSPIRATION: maybe something like your cover Dragon Born…kind of?

ANYTHING ELSE: nope that’s it

PASSWORD: twilight saga…i know it isn’t a tv show but don’t really watch any shows…2-Long-Straight-Haircut

I’m considering accepting your request but I need you to provide more detailed ideas for the cover. Sorry, but a couple and a dark background isn’t really cutting it for me at the moment. A basic description of your character or some physical traits you want the model to show.