Ah damn I’m the worst, sorry! Fixed that :slight_smile: Hmm the same darkness as the first example would be great! I really liked the look and vibe of " Bump in the Night". That’s as much horror as I need!


TITLE: Supernatural Detective Agency
SUB-TITLE: The Black Wolf
AUTHOR: RosaleeRain
GENRE: Werewolf
SHORT DESCRIPTION: The main character Sable, a born wolf-shifter has to learn how to survive in a world that isn’t quite sure how to react after the existence of supernaturals was exposed. After a five year stint in jail she decides to join a short, old looking vampire man named Alder in the relatively new Supernatural Detective Agency. Together they solve mysteries and put criminals in jail to make the world a safer place.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: I’d love something with a pretty black haired woman (if you could find anything with whisky gold eyes that’d be amazing) looking out in the snow. Amy lee is a beautiful model if you need. Or anything with a black wolf you like would work too.
PICTURES: I tried to put a link here but wattpad won’t let me because I’m a ‘new user’ yet I’ve had this account nearly five years so not sure what’s going on there. So sorry it’s not working, but anything you can find would probably look gorgeous
MOOD/THEME: Dark mood/theme, Sable is a dangerous woman and not afraid to kick butt and take names
COLOR SCHEME: Black and white would work, especially if you could incorporate snow.
INSPIRATION: Amy lee is amazing inspiration
ANYTHING ELSE: I have had a hard time finding anything with gold eyes so monochrome might be the way to go! Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:
PASSWORD: Almost Human



Thank you for requesting.

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Okay. I can work with that.

Is there any particular pose you want the model? Facing forward or full body or anything in particular really?

Also, I finished watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and have to say that it was really good. It had the whole creepy horror thing but not too much of it? Dunno. I liked it. And really hope they decide to continue the story.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for requesting.

Um, without any designs and pictures to get inspiration your cover leaves a lot of free space for me to play around. I think I can work with an ebony haired woman and a snowy background. I could make their eyes gold if you want me to. And I would have to see if I can find any Amy Lee pictures I could use for the cover but I will most likely end up using another model for the cover.

By the way, I don’t really use usernames for the author names (it’s in the rules section) so I will just write it like Rosalee Rain unless you give me another name. Sorry, it’s a preference of mine. Working with usernames is tricky sometimes.

#190 Maybe hands up like this if you could, so the black veins can be shown? This is the only picture of taylor Momsen I could find with her hands up, but the glasses are killing it for me! If that’s a lil tough then just the pose of the first example would be fine, nothing too extravagant :slight_smile:

(omg I haven’t finished it yet, I’m only 3 episodes in bc school is getting busy but I agree! It’s the perfect amount of spook without being too much!)


**TITLE:**The Dark Places We Sleep
**AUTHOR:**Elizza Mansfield
**SHORT DESCRIPTION:**College student Stella McArthur is oblivious to the chilling suicides taking place in Chicago until her boyfriend becomes the most recent victim. A book detailing the events of her boyfriend’s life is found next to his body, but this version of his life doesn’t end in his mysterious suicide, which is starting to look more and more like a homicide. Instead it tells the version of his life that end in happily ever after. When a second book appears with Stella’s rival Miranda, who is very much still alive, the two are forced to solve the murders before Miranda becomes the next victim.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: A girl with a dark bob, smoking a cigarette. A black background with smoke and darkness mostly obscuring her face. Alternatively, a girl smoking a cigarette under a street light.
MOOD/THEME: Dark, creepy, detached
COLOR SCHEME: black, monotone
PASSWORD: Glow, it’s incredible


Yeah, um, I don’t think that picture will work well for your cover. I think I may not use Taylor Momsen as I don’t see any pictures that would really work for your cover. If I use a model that shows her hands on the pictures I will try to do the vein thing.

And, to be honest, I think the creepiest thing about the entire show is how they show Satan in that goat form. The most cringing episodes for me were the first three and about two more since that’s when he most shows up. But aside from that I think everything is good and deserves to be renewed for a second season.



Thank you for requesting.

Your request sounds simple, basically more like a text slap on so I’ll give it a try using the pictures you provided as examples.


ya that’s okay, I figured it’d be a stretch. As long as the model as platinum blonde curly hair it’ll be fine! also maybe if you could do this to her eyes

like this so it looks like they’re scratched out? Only if you feel like it at the end !

And yes oh my god that part where he rips himself out of the tree like damn nooo way I’d be signing my name into that bookand giving my life to him nuh uh


Amazing! Thank you so much

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Yeah, he is super creepy in the series. Like, I even considered giving up on the show because of that. I don’t really watch things that have to do with horror or things like that but I pulled through. But I remember that scene and it was super creepy.

By the way, I’ll try to do that to the model after I’ve made the cover to see how it looks with and without it.


I actually use Rosalee Rain as my pen name, so that’s just why I have it as my username, just with no spaces. Rosalee Rain works just fine. And I know, I’m sorry I couldn’t provide images or anything these new rules and limitations to the forums are still mind boggling to me. But I’m sure I’d be impressed with anything you could make.

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Okay. Well, once you can post any pictures please do so. I’m sure they could help me with your cover.



Here’s your cover, @Vexful. I’m not really sure about it. I’m definitely not proud of it, at all. I don’t know if it’s the model or just everything else but I can’t seem to make it all blend in together and work like it’s supposed to. I’m not sure if you will want to use it but let me, same goes if you want any small changes made to it. But if you will use it, don’t forget to complete the payment.

Thank you for requesting.

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Awh I really do like it, don’t be so hard on yourself! I appreciate you and your hard work so much :black_heart: (Gurllll… that font! What is it called??? It literally fits so well)


The font is Vtks Bandoleones, I got it from dafont.

I’m glad you like it.:slightly_smiling_face: I think the model kind of just threw me off. Dunno. Originally I wasn’t going to do that but the model I wanted to use had red hair and I had no idea how to change it. I tried playing around with the colors but nothing looked good since the coloring was too dark and it just didn’t work. But I really like how the title came out, the font does look good.


@RosaleeRain I want to start working on your cover but I can’t find a model that I like for it. Could you give me a name for the face claim that isn’t Amy Lee?


TITLE: Prince Wayne
SUB-TITLE: (Optional) Amo a mi principe
AUTHOR: (Tell me an actual name, I don’t really like to work with usernames.) Alastiar Ford
GENRE: (Teen Fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, etc.) Fantasy
SHORT DESCRIPTION: (Tell me what the story is about in 5 sentences or less.) Basically the idea is about a Prince who gets kidnapped by a peasant, and they end up falling in love.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: (2 ideas minimum. Be as detailed as possible.) I want a rustic looking cover, with a black haired boy on the cover. If you can, give it an old timey vibe. The boy needs to have black hair and pale-ish skin. It is also a fantasy novel, so maybe you can include some fantasy stuff, I am making up my own country, so maybe a map can be involved?
PICTURES: (Optional) (Do you have any specific pictures in the cover? They go here.) No I don’t
MOOD/THEME: (Dark, horror, fantasy, etc.) Fantasy but also romantic. Not modern.
COLOR SCHEME: (Black and white, warm colors, blue, etc.) Old colors. Like Tan, black, white, grey stuff like that.
INSPIRATION: (Did you like a cover you saw and think it would look nice for your story? Put it here.) Image result for good fantasy novel covers princes
ANYTHING ELSE: (Optional) Thanks
PASSWORD: SUpernatural


I can try, I’ll need to go look for some. I just looked up some gothic images with black hair women and snow backgrounds, there were a few good ones. I can also see if I can post a link once I do find an image or two, it’ll be a minute but I think I can find something.