Here’s your cover, @Indigo_Night. As you can see I used one of the pictures you provided. I’m not sure if this is what you were aiming for, this doesn’t really feel like paranormal or horror for me but those genres aren’t my forte. If you want any small changes made to the cover let me know, same goes if you will be using it or not. Remember to complete the payment is you decide to use the cover.

Thank you for requesting.


Okay. If you can’t post the links here then I guess you can send them to me through a message.


image Here’s another one if the link works


Uh, what language is the story going to be written in? I can see the sub-title is in Spanish and the title in English, wouldn’t it be better to just have the it all in one language? It’s a preference of mine, that’s why I’m asking.

Also, who do you have in mind as a face claim? I have to look for models if you want them to be dressed like the one on that cover example you provided.


Thank you! It wasn’t what I was thinking but I guess the first model could work for the cover.


I couldn’t really find what I was imagining but the first one seemed the closest to my initial idea. You don’t have to go with it either if you don’t want to, I just hoped it would help get you a better idea on it. I don’t know any other models that would be good, I hope it helps though!


No, it’s okay. It gives me a better idea of what you want. I guess it’s just that there’s so many styles that werewolf covers are made that I had no idea what to do but I kind of have something now.


He doesn’t have to be dressed like that, that was just a basic idea. I honestly was thinking of maybe Logan Lerman as the main guy. And the book is based in a spanish based country that I am creating. So there will be bits of spanish in it, but the book is written in english.


It looks great! Can you just remove the “A Wattpad Story” part


Sure. I’ll do that later.


@everyone Guys, I’m sick at the moment so I won’t be working on any graphics today. I’m not sure if I’ll get back to work on the current orders tomorrow but I’ll keep you posted. I’m sure is nothing more than a common cough but whenever I’m sick I usually just read since I don’t have much energy. I spent more than half of yesterday sleeping so yeah.:slightly_smiling_face:


Feel better soon! I know it’s cold season now, the worst season of them all.

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Thank you!:slightly_smiling_face:


TITLE: surrender
SUB-TITLE: forgiveness is freedom
AUTHOR: Bella esther
GENRE: werewolf
SHORT DESCRIPTION: For twenty years, amelia has lived among friends and family, loved by all that’s met her. A month before she turns twenty-one, the time has come for Amelia to leave everything and everyone she knows and marry the enemy of the pack to ensure a peace treaty is intact.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: i’d like a girl in a forest or the woods, dark themed with lots of dark greens. Kind of a wild take.

Photographer: Christoph Poloczek - Pollography​/A Wedding with Pollography​
Model: Lela​

MOOD/THEME: it’s a dark mood book so I’d like some darkNess and wildness reflected in the cover.
COLOR SCHEME: forest greens and dark greens as well as blacks.
INSPIRATION: these are some of my covers that relate to the theme. Hopefully it’s helpful
ANYTHING ELSE: thank you
PASSWORD: riverdale and dynasty


@Indigo_Night Here’s your cover. I removed the ‘A Wattpad story’ like you asked.:slightly_smiling_face:




Thank you for requesting.

@AlastairFord @IIJayIILovesBooks

I’m kind of behind schedule but I hope to catch up soon. I still need to finish an order or two so I think you’ll both have to wait for a little while. Don’t worry, I will try to keep you posted on the status of your covers. Sorry for the late reply, by the way.:slightly_smiling_face:

@AlastairFord I’ve decided to accept your request because I want to work on some fantasy cover but I suggest you keep another graphic shop in mind as well. I’ll inform you if I decide to cancel your request in the future - I know this isn’t like good news but I like to be honest and, well, here’s the truth.

Oh, does the face of the model have to show on the cover? I kind of have an idea in mind but I don’t think it would work well if you want their face to show. Plus, I have to see if the cover style I want to try works out for me.

@IIJayIILovesBooks I think I can work something out based on the examples you posted. Do you have any face claims in mind? Or do you want the model to show anything specific?

I haven’t watched Riverdale yet, is it any good? I have mixed feelings based on the videos I’ve seen around. Now, Dynasty, well, I really like the show. I’m kind of annoyed I haven’t been able to see the new season. Fallon and Alexis kill me with their fights. Lol. I still can’t get over their pool fight.:laughing:


@RosaleeRain I haven’t forgotten about your cover. I feel a lot better today. And I thought I was coming down with a cold or something but it was just allergies - I feel super bad when I get allergies sometimes and feel like I’m dying. But now we’re kind of redecorating the house and now I’m in the process of moving from my room to a new one and yeah, it’s kind of wild at the moment. Lol.

Don’t worry, I hope to have your cover done soon. Sometimes I take a lot of time to work on a cover and it’s because I kind of have an idea but I don’t feel like that’s the one so I can work on the cover but the process seems slower. Dunno. I know that I’m pretty confident in the fact that I’ll have the idea that actually fits your story.

Sorry for the wait, though. And I would understand if you decided to request somewhere else.:slightly_smiling_face:


@everyone So I know that either most or all of you guys are writers and I wanted to ask your opinion or hear your suggestions regarding the creation of… I’m not sure how to even call it. Um, I guess it would basically be turning my desk into kind of like my space for writing and things like that. And I want ideas on what I can have there that can, I don’t know, make me feel a little bit more in the zone to write. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually written a story from start to finish, I’ve actually been with a major writer’s block for about a year or two now.


TITLE: Battle of Aueria
SUB-TITLE: War of Addetoria Series, Volume 1
AUTHOR: Emry Austin
GENRE: Fantasy/Action
SHORT DESCRIPTION: The Orc clan that was once defeated have returned for their revenge, striking upon the province that once wiped it out. Taking any human being that they see to the grave, and burning every village to the ground. With one city calling the whole province together to eliminate this threat as they also find an unlikely ally become very useful.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: I’ve got two, Either a man standing in knight’s armor with a bloodied sword and a fire in the distance (or the smoke). Or my second idea is a silhouette of a sword in the floor on top of a silhouette of a body? The sky above are dark clouds like a storm?
PICTURES: (First Idea similar to it’s current cover but I’m after a replacement), The second like this photo,

MOOD/THEME: Dark, Upsetting,
COLOR SCHEME: Black, silver, red, blue, green
INSPIRATION: Just my own inspiration or
PASSWORD: Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med


I’m fine with waiting :slight_smile: It’s actually for my nanowrimo story so it can take as long as it needs. As for allergies I get it, hay season out here is a terrible time of year. Oh and as for your writing I have a desk I like to write at with my mustang fastback model car sitting there, and a few of my bryer model horses. They keep me company and look cool. I also have a bottle of Mexican tequila (empty) with crow feathers in it. Idk I collect things that I feel are cool and I just sort of set them around. It’s all about gathering things you think are cool or neat and just making the space yours utterly and completely. A comfortable chair is definitely a plus.

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