Thank you!

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No I don’t have any face claims. I just like the mysteriousness of a model in the forest.

Also riverdale is fantasticcccccc!!! You should really watch it. But dynasty right now, I took a break after crystal died rip. I really loved her.


Okay. I’ll check things out and see what I can find in terms of a model.:slightly_smiling_face:

As for Dynasty, there’s a theory about how Crystal could make an appearance later in the show since the ones responsible for her death ran away.


TITLE: The Damned
GENRE: Action
**SHORT DESCRIPTION:**Kyra grew up all familiar to the after-effects of crime. At the young age of 11, she had lost her step-father and her hero to the crime of New York. She had made a promise to follow in his footsteps and continue to fight for the city he had died protecting, but she never thought it would lead her to the De Lucia Mafia. To her, they were just a myth told by her grandmother to scare her off the streets at night, never did she think those stories could be true and she would be facing them.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: the book is based on Leviathan by G-Eazy if that is any help
a minimalistic cover with just the title at the top and author name at the bottom
MOOD/THEME: its an action with a bit of romance
COLOR SCHEME: greys, blacks and whites
INSPIRATION: Leviathan by G-Eazy
ANYTHING ELSE: this book hasn’t been posted yet
PASSWORD: House MD even though it isn’t on Netflix anymore :cry:


Oh. Okay then. Lol. You don’t know what a relief it’s to hear that - well, read that. Lol. But I hope to get something done and show it to you.

And thanks for the suggestion. A chair is definitely a plus, I have to see if one would fit inside my room. Lol. I don’t have that much room to fit a lot of things inside of it, my bed and dresser are super big and take a lot of space. I’m actually looking for a place to put my books right now. I want a book shelf but unless I put it in the closet it wouldn’t fit in the room, so I was thinking about sorting them out around the desk and add a few figurines and some things like notebooks, etc.



Thank you for requesting.

Yes! I have some stock of swords on my files around and I’ve been wanting to use them for awhile now. I think I won’t be taking that long to make your cover since it sounds pretty simple. Plus, your ideas and the examples you provided are pretty specific or give out the idea quite clearly.:slightly_smiling_face:

And my family is pretty crazy with those series, they really like them. Me, on the other hand, enjoy watching them but aren’t a big fan. Lol.


Um, can you tell me what you mean by minimalistic? Or give me an example of what you want? I don’t really know how to do those kind of covers. Well, it’s more like I have no experience making them.

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something like this where it’s not overcrowded, if this isn’t your thing, I totally understand!


Well, if it’s like that picture I think I can work with it. Do you have a face claim for the cover?

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Thank you for requesting.

Lol. I figured. I just wanted to make sure.

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Thank you! lol



Here’s your cover, @oasis_soul. I liked this design so I decided to go with it. Do you like it and will use it? If you want any changes done to it let me know.

Thank you for requesting.


I love it! Thank you :relaxed:

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I only like the three because the drama and the heroic actions that occurs. Also since you’re doing the beginning of the series would you like to do the rest of the series as well when I have the books ready?

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TITLE: Mirrors
AUTHOR: Johanna Low
GENRE: adventure
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Sara’s father was missing for eight years, now she has to go through a mirror into the mirror realm to find him, and save him from Miro. He was the keeper of the key to the realm, and Sara has the key. Miro is trying to get the key to invade the normal world.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: brown haired girl is reaching towards an old Victorian mirror in a darkish room with one of her hands, The reflection is clouded and murky, and a blue-green glowing pendant necklace is floating towards the mirror while the girl is wearing it. the view is from behind the girl.
PICTURES: Image result for dark room with Victorian mirror
MOOD/THEME: mysterious, fantasy.
COLOR SCHEME:* dark and muted colors
INSPIRATION: kind of like Narnia.
ANYTHING ELSE: it needs to seem like the pendant is getting pulled towards the mirror. Thank You!


Um, let’s see how this cover turns out and then you can tell me if you want me to do the rest of the covers. Thanks for the offer, I’m sure it would be great to do them.



Do not skip this, it’s important.

@RosaleeRain @AlastairFord @IIJayIILovesBooks @EmryAustin

All of your covers will have to be put on hold for the moment as I’m redecorating the house and have some school stuff I need to do. I don’t know if I’ll start doing your covers this week or not so I’m giving you all the option of cancelling your request if you so wish it. No hard feelings what so ever if you do decide to cancel.



I’m sorry but I’ve decided to deny your request. Thank you for requesting, though.

I have to say that I’m having mixed feelings about this decision but denying your request seems like the best option at the moment. I do like the idea, I even have some possible images but the process of making it would be too long and I don’t think I could manage it right now. Thank you for requesting.


Alright, I respect your decision.

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