Thank you. I hope you find a great designer who can help you out.:slightly_smiling_face:


no problem

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I’m alright with waiting a while, I’m still curious to see what you may come up with.

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I’ll keep mine just in case :slight_smile:

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this is beautiful




Yeah, it is. I wish I was at that level. I really like that style and wish to be able to do it one day. Lol. I’m still way too far from that.


I’ve never really done any stickers but I’ve done a couple of banners in the past. I’ll attach a link to some of my examples below.


By the way, do you have anything I could use as reference for your cover? I have no idea of how to do a cover for the kind of book you’re making. It does sound like an interesting project.


@RosaleeRain @IIJayIILovesBooks @EmryAustin

I’m done with the paper I was doing for school. I still need to read a chapter on a book but I hope to start doing that sometime during this week. I’m done redecorating for now, my mother wants to start decorating the Christmas tree since it’s going to be the first time we do that in almost three years so she wants to do everything early to show it off longer. Lol.

Anyways, I think I may start working on your covers today. At least, on @EmryAustin since it’s the one I have a better idea for. But I will look for some models and stuff for your covers @RosaleeRain and @IIJayIILovesBooks and I will show them to you so you can tell me if it works or not.

I honestly feel like this thread is giving me no motivation so I feel like I should interact more with everyone to make it seem more…lively? active? Dunno.


Alright sweet, whatever you think works. I’ve got a Facebook Page, you can go follow it if you’d like? Legit called

Emry Austin’s Books


Ohh I loveeeee Christmas so I understand. It gets me thinking about starting tot decorate our tree then :sweat_smile: The thread is pretty niceness for discussions


I get how it goes lol I’m working on a 20 page research paper on coral reefs. Do you know how boring coral reefs are? You have the info, you say the info, you get seven pages. I can bs a paper, I’ve done it before… But I can’t bs that much of a paper. Due today so wish me luck! I have 11 pages lol


Oh, my gosh hun. 20 pages is a lot. Damn.

I actually did a presentation about coral reefs and found lot of interesting things about how they are actually the main filter of oxigen and what could happen if they die. But still to write 20 pages solely on coral reefs it means that you will have to talk a lot of shit. Lol.

Best of luck, hun.


TITLE: Under the Blood Moon
AUTHOR: Stefanie Maxey
GENRE: Werewolf, witch, vampire
SHORT DESCRIPTION: A rouge group of extremist werewolves believe that because they have the guild leaders, vampires should bow to them
SPECIFIC IDEAS: I really want a picture of a blood moon with a wolf howling
PICTURES: I don’t have any
COLOR SCHEME: Don’t have one
INSPIRATION: Nope, drawing a blank


TITLE: Ricochet
AUTHOR: Jordie Knowles
GENRE: General Fiction
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Two estranged sisters take a road trip to find something their dead mother has hidden. The ghost of the mother is with them constantly as well. They’re also being chased by a drug dealer whom the mother owed money to. The mother was shot.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: Tire tracks in the mud (or dirt or pavement) with bullet shells around them. Two girls sitting on the roof of a car (they’re not really happy). Someone inside a car pointing a gun at the window. These are the three ideas I had in mind. I’m open to other ideas as well.
PICTURES: Sorry, I don’t have any pictures.
MOOD/THEME: It’s a drama but it’s also written as a comedy so it’s both dark and light so kind of in the middle?
COLOR SCHEME: Warm colours would probably be best.
PASSWORD: Favourite Netflix show currently right now is The 3%.


TITLE: PYTH: Genesis
SUB-TITLE: Their destinies. Their lives. Their world.
AUTHOR: George Elorm
GENRE: Fantasy\ Mystical
SHORT DESCRIPTION: A boy and his friends are exposed to a supernatural world that threatens their individual destinies forever.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: Dark atmosphere with a feeling of foreboding. Slight highlights especially the green.
A long-haired boy of African-Brazilian descent with his face divided into two. One side is an entity with a greenish gleam in its hair and a light emerald glow on its skin and its eyes have a green shimmer to it. This side of him has a supernatural background. The other side is his normal human form…
PICTURES: 744740ff7bdc201990871b0503cc98d1--goth-guys-goth-men
MOOD/THEME: Dark/fantasy
COLOR SCHEME: Black and green
INSPIRATION: 767bdd049d736f3fa05278c783edad66--talk-to-me-thranduil03c4da14484e300ab3c9d4989414f9ec--covers-wattpad-cover-art
Something like these.
ANYTHING ELSE: Thanks in advance. I couldn’t really find anyone with the skin colour I had hoped for that has the right pose for this cover, but you can use the one I’ve provided if there is no other option.
PASSWORD: Marco Polo


@everyone Guys I know I said that I would start working on your covers but I haven’t even touched my computer since the last time I posted here a couple of days ago. I kind of have zero inspo right now. My sister just had a surgery and she’s still in the hospital right now. So, my week has been a little hectic at the moment.

I really do hope to catch up with all of the orders sometime soon.


@GeorgeElorm47 @Jordietheshortie @StefMaxey

I’m really sorry for not replying sooner but I’ve had a hectic week. I have zero inspiration at the moment and already have a queu I have to catch up with. I think it would be best if i denied your requests since I don’t want you to wait for your covers. But if you feel that you aren’t in any hurry for the cover then you could wait until I actually go through all of the orders and you get your cover.

Patience is key with me right now.


I’d like to wait



Here’s your cover, @EmryAustin. I am really sorry for the long wait, things have been a little hectic for me at the moment. I hope you like it, it’s the first cover I use knights in and I kind of liked it but am not really confident of it. Let me know if you’re going to be using it and if you want any small changes done to it. Remember to complete the payment if you do decide to use the cover.

Thank you for requesting.