I am glad that you like it and that the wait paid off.:slight_smile:

Remember to complete the payment (a permanent follow).

Then I will review your cover request after I am done with the ones I haven’t done yet.

Feel free to request elsewhere while you wait as from what I’ve read of your request you want a cover where the face of the model is split in two with each side showing something different. I haven’t done anything like that up until now so that is why I am suggesting this. I could give it a try in the future but if I don’t feel inspired enough to do it then it could take awhile.

No problem. Thank you for considering it.

TITLE: Song of Dragons blood
SUB-TITLE: Curse of the Blood singers
AUTHOR: Jaypuff
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, YA
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Ankita is young women who never thought her grandmothers’ rantings of dragons, princess and mystic warrior, were more than an old ladies way to keep her grandchild interest. when everything in her world beside her best friend turns out to be a lie, She’ll have to choose to follow the path laid in front of her or to choose her own fate.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: I had two main ideas, the first being a city background, maybe with a layer of smoke/fog, with Naomi Scott (or an “Unknown” model that looks simillar) Standing in the center with a Red amber Pendant around her neck, or holding a piece or raw red amber. With a semi-fancy but still legible font.

Second idea is more of a “Simple” looking cover, with a dark background, maybe a leather texture, with rather a Red amber pendant or peice of raw red amber in the center with silver font. (see inspo since I suck at explaining things)
PICTURES: Can give some images of Naomi if needed
MOOD/THEME: Urban fantasy, Warrior, Badass princess, dragons
COLOR SCHEME: Black, Red, Silver

ANYTHING ELSE: can give more ideas and examples if needed, feel free to get creative with the ideas there kinda sucky i know lol
PASSWORD: Riverdale (as of right now atleast lol)

@everyone Sorry I haven’t been active as of late, I’m kind of taking some time off? Dunno. I’ve pretty much been chilling this whole week. I need to recharge in creative terms since I’m having a hard time finding inspiration to make my graphics as of late.

I did make a cover last week, if I’m not mistaken. I’ll put it up as a premade so let me know if anybody wants it. Do feel free to give your opinion about it, critiques are always welcome.

NOTE: I was actually trying to do the cover @RosaleeRain requested but the result was something entirely different to her order.


Thank you for requesting.

I like your idea, you make it sound simple. Lol. Please, provide me with an example of the model. I want to see what kind of picture you’re hoping I use. Also, keep in mind the previous post I wrote. I’m off for these few days, I’m not in the mood to make any covers even if I do have some kind of idea of what I think would work.:slightly_smiling_face:

Tysm! and thats fine im in no huge rush!

For examples


Do not skip this, it’s important.

@RosaleeRain @AlastairFord @IIJayIILovesBooks @GeorgeElorm47
@Jordietheshortie @StefMaxey @Southpuff

I’m sorry to inform you all but I’m declining each and every one of your orders. I’m not in a good headspace right now and don’t have any motivation to make any graphics at the moment. I really have to thank you for your patience and the opportunity for making a cover for your story but I… I need to step back for awhile from everything. I feel drained, and it’s not your fault in any way but I just have to get myself together.

It’s been a hard year for me, a lot of big changes have come and go, and not all of them were for good either. I don’t really like to talk things out with strangers, I believe I don’t have to share my baggage with others unless its necessary since everyone has their own set of problems and I’m not selfish enough to forget the fact that others have problems too.

I’m grateful for the opportunity you’ve all given me to work with you but I definitely need time off. I want to inform you all because I don’t like to leave things hanging in the air.:slight_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience but I just wanted to let you know before I disappear for awhile, guys.


@KatherineArlene could you please close this thread?

@Azanthiel Could you also close this old thread of mine? Lol. I thought it had been closed.

Closed by request

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