TITLE: Alpha Theory
SUB-TITLE: Seeds of Chaos
AUTHOR: Cross Kaiser
GENRE: Fantasy/Anime
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Long ago the earth was split into three and a great curse was cast upon it, the curse of the alpha spawns. Soul eating creatures that terrorize the earth. One day Logan discovers a girl that fell from the sky in the forest. But after taking her in, those who persued her killed his family. Distraught, he now has to find meaning in his life - even with his own past haunting him.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: To get the white out of the drawing and have it on a background. It would be epic if somehow it could seem like it was in the sky and not just on it.

INSPIRATION: Beautiful famous anime such as Gibli films: Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle.
ANYTHING ELSE: It would be nice, if both eyes on that drawing were the same as the left one.
PASSWORD: Anime Counts Right? Tokyo Ghoul 4



Thank you for requesting.

Your idea sounds simple, I’ll give it a try. I could do like a watercolor kind of background with clouds and put the drawing on top. Dunno yet. But please provide more examples of what you think would be a good concept for your cover if you see anything you like.

By the way, how long are you willing to wait for the cover? There are a few orders I haven’t done yet and I’m not sure when I’ll actually do your graphic. Hopefully, you won’t be waiting too long for it.


Um, I definitely would need some time for your cover because I have no idea as to how to make it at the moment. I mean, I could do something icy-ish but I’m not really versed in the magic type of graphics. I have to practice, and your cover actually sounds like it will take some time to work on. Please provide me more material in terms of inspiration. I have some vague ideas of what designs I could use but I’m not sure if you would like them, though.



Do not skip this, it’s important.

To be honest, I never actually expected to get the amount of requests I have so I never really thought everything through. Okay, so I didn’t really think that the graphics you would be requesting were going to be so advanced. I always aim to give the best no matter what I’m doing - you could actually say I’m kind of a perfectionist, actually - and my abilities are rusty as hell at the moment. And its because of this that I have decided to close the shop for now, at least until I can catch up with the current orders I have.

I said on the rules that if I didn’t have any inspiration for your cover that you would be denied and I’ve been violating this rule for some time now. I’ve only been able to deliver one cover so far out of the six or seven requested until the moment, and that’s because I don’t really feel creative at the moment. My lack of creativity is the reason why I’m focusing so much on asking you guys for inspiration on your covers.

I will most likely open up the shop in a few days, after all of the stress from school has died down a little. I’m on finals this week and the combined stress could be causing the block on my creativity. Or maybe is the fact that I’m forcing myself to work on things I have no desire to do. Dunno.



Good luck on your exams! You’ll live through them!



I’m sorry but I’ve decided to deny your request. Please, read the message below for my explanation as to why. I do thank you for requesting, though.

Um, I have no idea what do for the cover you are requesting. I’ve never really done graphics with more than one model and I think it would be a good experiment but I’m not really sure about the knights part. What comes to my mind would be a cover that has the faces of the brothers, like half of them with a line dividing them by the middle. Dunno. My covers are more fantasy-ish inclined.

The Dragonborn cover is one of the first graphic I’ve done using a male model actually. Thanks for using the cover as inspiration but I would like to see something from someone else. I’m kind of going through a really tough patch regarding my creativity, it seems that it’s on low. And I don’t really think I would do a good cover for your story at the moment. So, I would have to deny your request.


Thank you. I wish they were just exams, though. I have projects due Monday and tests for the next day. Lol. I really want to get things done as soon as possible. I want some peace of mind on my life!

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Okay Ill try to get more stuff.

As for waiting, well I’m not paying for this with real money or anything I dont feel its fine to deadline you in any way.

Plus i came last anyway i cant complain if i get mine last.

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Thank you for understanding!:slight_smile:

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Ill probably get you more material tomorrow. Todays been… Trying for me.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


I made some crappy examples.

So this is the idea of having the drawing on it, but I’m trash so ofc I don’t want it to look ugly haha.

But i also had this idea to make the background choppy like this, like strips of paper pulled apart (Which is why i gave you a second wide background for more freedom when doing so.)

Basically i’m asking you to make my ugly ideas pretty </3


Lol. Hey, they may not be the best thing but they sure as hell help out a lot. Well, the first one helps out. I don’t really know what’s going on on the second one, though. I don’t really see any difference except a few lines. Lol. But thank you because it gives me an actual sense of what you want.


I forgot to mention - You do not and probably should not include every specific idea. xD
Also, may you change ẗhe subtitle “seven seas” to “a thousand seas”?


Edit the form you filled and write it down. I haven’t gotten even close to your request yet.

Honestly, I’m having a mini crisis over school at the moment. I finish one class today and another one tomorrow and things are super stressful at the moment. I hope to get back to working on the covers either tomorrow or the next day.


I like created an effect where the image was cut up horizontally and then shifted side to side- to the best of my ability


Oh. Lol. My bad. I see the lines better now. Um, I hadn’t really slept much in, like, three days and my eyesight wasn’t that good when I saw it so. Thanks for pointing it out, though.

I’m supposed to get back into working with the covers tonight so, hopefully, I’ll start making deliveries soon!:smile:





Here’s your cover, @whatislive. I hope you like it. I’m not really good with object based covers but I think this doesn’t look so bad. Let me know whether you will be using it or not. And don’t forget to credit me if you decide to use it. Any changes you want done to it let me know.

Thank you for requesting.


Here’s your cover, @taypc97. I hope you like it.

I had a lot of fun doing it and am actually proud of it. Let me know if you want it changed, though. I know you wanted the color scheme to be more along the lines of blue and purple hues but I guess I focused more on the magic part. Lol. Same goes for the dark but hopeful theme.

Let me know whether you will be using it or not. And don’t forget to credit me if you decide to use it. Any changes you want done to it let me know.

Thank you for requesting.

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