My goodness, it’s fabulous. I think you did great!

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Seeing the cover gave me a bit of an idea. If it’s not too much work for you, I was wondering how that glint effect you had would look coming from inside the dragon’s mouth? It might be super cheesy, but Idk.


I actually have an alternate idea, since I think that three people would make for a crowded cover- what if it was just Ignatius alone? Would that make things easier?


Oh my God, I love it so much!!! This is amazing, and you captured Page perfectly!! Thank you x infinity!! You are amazing. And honestly, I appreciate you making this for me even with all of the things you have going on in your personal life. Thank for this!! <3

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It certainly would. I’ve never really done a cover with more than one person so it would a challenge for me to do try to fit three people in there. I do have to try it sometime in there. But if you have any other ideas that you think could help me make the cover better then I’m all ears - well, eyes as I’m reading this. Lol. (That was lame.)

Or if you could tell me any specific characteristics of the characters so that I can look for models to start working on the cover. I looked for some Lily Collins pictures but the only ones I have of her with black clothes that weren’t a dress were of the Mortal Instruments movie and those aren’t that good, I think. But telling what cast you have in mind or just the way they look would help me out with figuring out the models.


Aw, you made me blush!:blush: Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad you love it and that the model reflected your character - after all, that was the idea behind everything!:smile:

And working on your cover certainly helped me cope a little with the stress I had going on at the time. I’m done with school until Monday so I’m going to try and recharge as much as I can these few days. Plus, I’m taking a liking to painting on the graphics I’m working with and your cover certainly let me explore that. Though, I’m not as good at it as I want to be yet but we all got to start somewhere, don’t we?

Oh, and, by the way, did you like the alchemy runes the model has on her skin? They aren’t that easy to see at first sight but if you look for them you’ll find them. I made them really light in case you didn’t want them to be too visible but I think it adds to the alchemy thing going on.


I’m glad that you like it. I wasn’t too confident with your cover since, like I said before, I’m not that good with object based covers. But I feel better after your comment.:blush:

Oh, and here’s what you asked about the flare on the dragon’s mouth. I made it double since it didn’t really look good with just one. Dunno. If you want it with just one let me know, okay?:smile:


I’m so glad that helped! I definitely didn’t want my request to be stressful or complicated. And I loved how you did her hair, it gives it an artsy/fantasy vibe and I love it. And it did take a moment but I noticed the runes- that’s a really nice touch!! I had been thinking of incorporating alchemy into the story too, so that gave me the extra push now.
Seriously, your work is astounding. I used to do graphics when I had a decent computer with photoshop, and I remember how stressful and upsetting it was to be uninspired and drained of all desire to do something you otherwise enjoy. But I want to encourage you to keep at this, because your talent and work is amazing. Definitely stick to your rule of only doing covers you are intrigued by- as hard as it is to stand firm on that kinda rule lol.

But I can’t thank you enough, because it’s easier for me to be inspired to finish writing when I have a cover, specifically one that fits what I’m working on and inspires me. <3

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Do not skip this, it’s important.

As of this post onward every request made will issue a Wattpad kind of payment. The payment is stated in the rules but if you decided to skip that, well, here’s a reminder: the payment is a permanent follow. This will not be negotiated nor does it mean that you don’t have to credit me for the cover. Credit is mandatory but it’s not the same as the payment.


OMG. I’m blushing again!:blush:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such kinds words. I’ve been struggling to make graphics for awhile now but I’m kind of easing back into it. I really like doing graphics and hope to one day be able to do commercial works, but who knows? I’m just glad to help people out with this.

And I understand what you mean about how having a cover for the story helps you with your writing, it used to happen to me too. I haven’t written in awhile actually but I still remember how one thing affected the other. Plus, some readers decide what story to choose based on the cover so it’s essentially to have a good cover too - and that’s why I try to do the best I can.

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Um, I have to be honest with you I’m trying to do your cover. I was checking it out the pictures you provided and tried to do it like the example you gave me but it’s working out. The picture of the boy doesn’t look good with the background. I’m not sure if it’s me, like, if I don’t know how to do it or if it’s just that the pictures clash too much. So, I was wondering if you had any other ideas for the cover that I could try out?


Nah, i think the two works, but I think you do pretty great with object based covers. :smiley: So thank you, again!

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So you need a different background? Or Something to replace the boy?

If it’s a different background what colors should I stick with?


Im going to consider changing the idea.completey, i was pretty asking for the impossible. IF I can think of something more sensible I’ll change the idea completely.


Ahhhh yes, I’d love to see your eyes absorbing and interpreting sounds.

Ignatius technically has umber hair that goes to the base of her neck, but she usually puts it up into a small bun of sorts. She has really bright blue eyes as a genetic mutation (they glow in the dark) and is lightly tanned.


You have the skills for sure to do this commercially! I think that’s awesome. And you certainly helped me out! I’ll be coming back to you in the future when I need another cover, if you’re still doing this later on. I’m sure at some point you’ll stop doing this and start making money for graphics. You certainly could do that now if you wanted. Like I said before, you are very skilled with graphics design. :blush:

And btw I thought I had already followed you… But I checked and realized I hadn’t :upside_down_face:
So, I followed you! And of course I made the acknowledments chapter and credited you. :ok_hand:t3:

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Thank you! I think this is the only object based cover I’ve done that I’ve liked so far. I hope you enjoy it!:smile:


Um, I think that changing your idea would be for the best - in my case, at least. But if you want those images for your cover then you could also look for another designer if you’d like to. I do not want to cancel your request but if you do find someone that makes the kind of graphic you want then let me know.:slightly_smiling_face:


Okay. Well, I’ll look for a female model with short hair then. But do you have anyone in mind for the guys? I think I could try something out with more than one person on the cover.

Oh, does she use any weapons besides fire? Like, does she use a knife or something like that? 'Cause I think I saw a model with short hair but she’s holding a short knife.


Thank you for your kind words! It definitely makes me feel happy to know that you really like the cover and think that I have the potencial to do this commercially. I still have a long way ahead of me in terms of graphic design but I’m super thankful for the vote of confidence.

Thank you for the follow and the credits. But you didn’t have to do the payment, I said that it was for the requests made after that post. Also, I saw the credit you posted on your story but I think you wrote it wrong or something 'cause it didn’t really read it or something. It’s starts with a minuscule L, you could fix it if you want the name to turn blue and notify me that I’ve been mentioned on your story.