Um, do you think you could look for some pictures for inspiration that weren’t drawn? Like, actual people dressed as pirates or something? I have no idea what to do for your cover.



The shop is open once again.


TITLE: Dr. Harmless Vs. The people on Earth
SUB-TITLE: (still working on it, it’ll be a grand collection of short stories marking Dr. Harmless’ adventures)
AUTHOR: Adishake(it’s my username and also my pen name But you’ll find my name as Aditya Barik on the Birth Certificate)
GENRE: HuMor (sub genre: sci -fi)
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Doctor harmless is more than simple in this modern age which alternatively is his biggest problem. Being a Science researcher Doctor Harmless has to deal with several problems in this absurd world.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: Ummm…I wanted the character to appear on the cover with Circle specs he’s a kind of goofy guy with a simple look(I can mail you the 1st chapter if you want which is all set to get published on Oct31st)
PICTURES: -Horribles-sing-along-blog1
MOOD/THEME: humorous
COLOR SCHEME: I want contrasting colors
INSPIRATION: I can call Doctor Horrible as an inspiration ( its actually Milo Murphy law + Doctor Horrible ) [ you can google Doctor Horrible if yo don’t know about him]
ANYTHING ELSE: this photo potrays Doctor harmless in li’l bit of evil way ummm…if you use the picture then please make sure to buy him a set of specs(I literally mean please stick some specs on his face)…Have yo seen Milo Murphy law if yes then its the almost the same thing I’m trying to do its like a basic sitcom. I want it to sort of look like -

we can discuss on it if you want later.
PASSWORD: 21 jump street


Um, I have no idea what’s going on here. Who is Dr. Harmless? I have no idea what you’re talking about, care to explain?

Why do you need to PM me? You can just write the password in here.

I feel lost.


uoh, am I confusing yo?

how can I help yo?


Yes, you are confusing me. Or maybe is my brain that’s not understanding everything correcting since I want to sleep at the moment? I don’t know.

Anyways, I’ve never done a cover a humor genre story so I have no idea what to do for it. What do you want for the cover? That’s the point of filling out the form.

Also, if you do not fill out everything correctly - give detailed ideas, provide inspiration material, etc. - and I don’t feel your graphic then it’s denied. I don’t work on covers without inspiration.


got it, but what’s inspiration I can’t understand


Inspiration means that any cover design that you liked or anything that resembles your story in some way or has anything I can use to make your cover. Basically, it’s anything that helps me understand your idea better and can give me a better grasp on it.

Do you understand now?


yeah, uhm yeah…sorry to bother you so much by the way
ok so will it be fine if I edit my form(post)?


I’ll take the silence as yes…ok again sorry to disturb your sleep


No you’re right for the job, I just need to give you the right job.


So i was doing something and came upon this minimal idea.

I like this because it’s not fancy or anything but with good font and effects it would look amazing, right?

  1. You would make it look like old paper.

  2. The color theme is still yellow/gold and purple. So the fonts would be based on that.

  3. I also had this awesome idea of having quite a bit of the edges “burned off” to reveal the background.

  4. the background would be something dark and spacey like…



I think a knife would be fine, yes.

For models for the guys, I originally had Jared Padalecki (I think that’s how to spell it) as Sylph and Gaspard Ulliel as Tross, but you’re free to find other models.

Sylph- light tawny hair that hangs loosely down to his shoulders; hazel eyes, also bright and glowing; tall but on the short side; tanner than Ignatius and also more muscular; usually found wearing a light brown flannel. Clean shaven.

Tross- dark brown hair tied in a ponytail, jet black eyes that shine in the right light (eyes of buckshot lead-- “The Hangman”). Pale, much taller than Sylph. Lean, but with enough muscle to move faster than Sylph. Likes to wear a white shirt and black blazer.




I’m sorry but I’ve decided to deny your request. Please, read the message below for my explanation as to why. I do thank you for requesting, though.

First off, I want to thank you for fixing your form but I don’t really feel your cover. I don’t really connect with the idea so I’ll be denying your request. But since the design is fairly simple I’m sure you could find a lot of designers that would do it for you. Sorry.


Um, I’ll give it a shot. I don’t make any promises about it been good, though. Don’t get your expectations too high. okay? Still, I will do it.

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Okay. I’ll see what I can do then. Keep in mind that your cover could take me awhile once I start working on it since I’ll have to cut out the models.

Also, could you give me and idea of what scenery does the story happen in? You mentioned something like fire for the background but I don’t think that would work well.

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Yeah! No problem!

Kind of like an urban landscape… Ignatius’s Hero Agency operates directly out of a large tower in the downtown of a city. Think NYC or Houston or whichever city pleases your eyes.

Sorry for causing all of this trouble.


Okay. Thanks. I’ll see what I can come up with.

And don’t worry about it.

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I by my own tried my hands on the cover may this help you and maybe you change your mind


Can you just please once take an eye on this project?
This project mattes to me a lot


It’ll look like what I asked for. If possible, since you say it might not be like I think, I’d like to see the versions WITH the burn and WITHOUT the burn effect.