Oh, I forgot to mention that one of the reasons I decided to deny your request is because there aren’t many pictures I can use. And, to be honest, I did state in my rules that if I’m not inspired to make the cover then I would not work on it. Sorry.


TITLE: Bump In The Night
SUB-TITLE: Something wicked this way comes
AUTHOR: Summer Emory
GENRE: Paranormal Fantasy


SHORT DESCRIPTION: Everything changes in Salem when a Reaper appears. Now the coven must band together to face the new challenges the outsider brings
SPECIFIC IDEAS: I would like Madelaine Petsch on the cover as she portrays the main character and is the focus of the story. A forest in the background with some skulls perhaps to put emphasis on the reaper aspect of the story since they symbolize death.


MOOD/THEME: dark mysterious
COLOR SCHEME: silvers and greys
INSPIRATION: any sort of fantasy cover really.





Thank you for requesting.

I’ll be accepting your cover request simply because I’m in the mood for witches. But please refrain from contacting me via PM again unless I’ve given you permission to do it. I find it annoying since I was confused when I got the message but I will let it slide this time since I hadn’t put it as an official rule yet. You aren’t the only one who has done it or I wouldn’t be making it into a rule so it’s not your fault.

Also, don’t forget to complete the payment once I post your cover.


TITLE: Oh, Neighbor
GENRE: Romance/YoungAdult
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Elizabeth Hynes and Isaac Elbourne are forced to run Hynes and Co, together. They aren’t very fond of each other mostly because of all the pent up tension. Arguments, fights and heartbreaks are all to come specially knowing that they’re neighbors.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: a) A guy behind a girl either kissing her neck or in his arms. b) A guy and a girl in suits next to each other or him pulling her towards him or holding her. Any of these will do but can you make sure the theme is kind of seductive?
PICTURES: Feel free o use anything you feel like.
MOOD/THEME: Romantic/Seductive
COLOR SCHEME: Maroon/Gold/Blacks
ANYTHING ELSE: If you end up making a manip can you please make sure its a little bright as sometimes I’ve noticed manips tend to look dull. Thank you.
PASSWORD: Daredevil.



Here’s your cover, @LxOxGxIxA. I hope you like it. I’m not really sure about the cover but I tried to do the design you asked. I made two versions but, honestly, my favorite it’s the golden one. But let me know whether you will be using it or not. And don’t forget to credit me if you decide to use it. Any changes you want done to it let me know.

Thank you for requesting.

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I love them both! :+1:

My only qualm is that - while I do LOVE the text - I wanted the font to have that color theme I mentioned.

Gold, Purple.

Can you do that with the text? Would it work?


I totally forgot to do that. Lol. So let me see what I can do.

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Um, here’s what you asked for. I hope you like it, I’m not sure about the style but I tried to make it gold. Dunno.



Well there’s no rush you sound tired, lol.

Now that I see it, I think “Seeds of Chaos” being in gold and the other parts being in a dark purple would be perfect.

Sorry If I’m being a bother though, I can wait since you’re tired.


Like this? Or do you want them to be solid purple?



Not solid purple but without the gold mixed into it.

A gradient purple should be fine.

As matter of fact I have hexes I want you to use for the gradients, I forgot I could literally tell you the colors.

Gold: #ffd700 -> #e6c200 -> #ffdb1a

Purple: #ac00cc -> #9700b3


I am having serious mixed feelings over the fact that you had the colors you wanted me to use and didn’t tell me before.

I made the changes you asked for. Hope you like it.




Thank you for requesting.

Sorry for the late reply. I hadn’t seen your post, or I don’t remember seeing it. Lol. Anyways, your cover sounds quite simple so it should be done soon. Don’t forget to complete the payment.

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I didn’t, I got them when I made the post because I didn’t remember I could send you hex codes.

Also are those gradients coz, I can’t see well on my tablet screen and they don’t seem to be.


I should pay about now ~


They are supposed to be gradients, even if they don’t look like it. I just put the color codes you put on this post. You didn’t say which color you wanted so I just put a gradient with three colors and copy/pasted the codes. But if you want the letters to look the way you want them to then I guess you could just explain how you want them exactly.


Okay, i looked really hard and I think I see it on the laptop. But it doesn’t look like there’s much difference at all between the colors, I know I tested them alongside each other though. the shades shouldn’t be so close that it’s hard to see the difference - so I don’t know what to say.

Really at this point though, I just need it be more clear to the eye that the text color isn’t flat, that’s it’s a gradient with enough contrast between the shades of each color to look like it should.

If the distance between the segments of the gradient look good to you they’ll look good to me - so I think you should set it up so it looks good to you. So that the text would catch your eyes.

The black version did that but there’s story reasons why I want the gold and purple.


Should I just use a gradient with two colors instead of three? I’m not really well experienced when it comes to gradients.