Okay, use two.


Okay. But what colors do you want each word in? And what colors should I use on which? Like, the title and author name in gold and the subtitle in purple or reversed?

By the way, thank you for doing the payment!


@moonlightshadow412 I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve been working on your cover and have a version ready but I don’t really like it so let put the finishing touches on it and I’ll let you see it.

By the way, thank you for completing the payment.

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I want it to be the same colors on the same words as that very last one you did, just that the gradients are clearer to see.


Okay. I’ll do that and post the cover.

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No worries, I can wait :slight_smile:

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@ToInfinityMyLove Do you want your cover? It’s been made for about two days now, and I’ve been waiting for you to reply to post it.


It’s no worries and I’ve completed the payment <3


Thank you for completing it, I just got the notification.:blush:

And I wanted to ask you if you wanted the cover to be black and white like the examples you showed me or that’s not necessary?


Ah, and yeah I forgot to say. It was so pretty I wanted to put it up before it was done :sweat_smile:

Got so caught up I forgot.


I’m just glad you like it and plan on using it.


Does this look better? I’m not really convinced with the purple one but the dark shade didn’t really seem to work with it so I decided for a lighter color. So, what do you think?


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Its great.

Thanks a bunch!


I’m glad you like it.

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Ah! There’s a n issue

Nothing big though

It’s Cross Kaiser.not Cross Kraiser
It just caught my eye



Here’s your cover, @Out_Of_This_World00. I hope you like them. I made two versions but, honestly, my favorite it’s the one with the topless couple. I know you wanted a seductive kind of mood but I haven’t found any good pictures that resemble that so if you want that I have to keep looking. But let me know whether you will be using it or not. And don’t forget to credit me if you decide to use it. Any changes you want done to it let me know.

Thank you for requesting.


Oh, my gosh! Sorry, my bad. Lol. I fixed it.:sweat_smile::joy:


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TITLE: Soulis Achives: The Dragon Mercenary
SUB-TITLE: (Optional) N/A
AUTHOR: Mclaine Cramer
GENRE: Fantasy/Action-adventure
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Kodai Careful is going to be a man, and even better, he’s a man with a plan. However, things start to shift as a few wild cards come into play. The dynamic duo of Conrad and Seth, and the mysterious presence of Ject, the hundred year merc, send Kodai on an adventure he couldn’t have planned for. All while another mystery starts to come to light, with one question at it’s core. Who is Kodai?

SPECIFIC IDEAS: Knights, Swords, Dragons, old Castles. It’s a high fantasy heavily featuring action, sword-play, duels, tournaments, and dragons.
MOOD/THEME: Fantasy, funny, action packed, light-hearted
COLOR SCHEME: Bright, fun colors.
PASSWORD: Ender’s Game (fave book)


TITLE: Before the Gates of Eternal Joy
SUB-TITLE: It’s hard being a ghost
AUTHOR: Cait Meyer
GENRE: Paranormal
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Aubrey Charles was a pretty average high school senior… until she died. Now if she wants to get anywhere near the Gates of Eternal Joy Aubrey has to find a way to tell her stepsister, Vanessa, her boyfriend’s cheating on her. It certainly doesn’t help that Vanessa can’t see or hear her.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: I LOVE the cursive font you used in Out_Of_This_World00’s cover! I think something where Aubrey is kinda transparent (ghost like hahaha) maybe? She is a pale, lanky redhead with brown eyes. Some playful supernatural elements would be fun too, but I want the book to look very teen fiction esque because it isn’t overly serious or bogged down by the fact that Aubrey is dead hahah
PICTURES: Anything you think would look best!! <— Luca Hollestelle’s appearance is how I kinda envision Aubrey
MOOD/THEME: Playful, teen fictionesque with some supernatural elements
COLOR SCHEME: Honestly… I have no idea :’) maybe different shades of blue?
ANYTHING ELSE: This would not actually be used for a cover on Wattpad but as a cover for my NaNoWriMo book on that website. In the future I MIGHT post the book on Wattpad and would definitely use your cover if you choose to make one, but that is how it will be used. I will probably post it on my social media accounts too to hype up my writing the book hahaha
PASSWORD: Currently it’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!!!


Honestly, I really do like the bottom one better. It may not be what I was looking for but I don’t mind it. It looks good. I like the first one too. I might just end up using both later on lol. Thank you for these, credit will for sure be given <3