Um, I don’t want to count this as the official delivery for your cover simply because I do not like it. It’s horrible and the only reason why I’m even posting it its because I want you to see that I’ve been actually doing some work on your cover. And I’m just super frustrated with it at the moment, I know I can do better but I need to look for better resources.:tired_face::sob:




I’m glad that you like it and have decided to use it! Like I said, my favorite it’s the second one too. And I think that my forte isn’t light colored graphics or however they are called, specially the romance kind, but I’m probably just out of practice. Lol. But if you give me a little more things to work on I’m sure I can make something better, hopefully.


Um, can you actually tell me what the story is about? I just gathered that it’s about a boy who is about to become a man and goes on an adventure where he meets two other guys. I know that it has dragons, knights, etc. because you wrote it in ideas. The rules say to tell me what the story is actually about in five sentences or less, like a super short version where you don’t beat around the bush and tell me your story.

Sorry if it seems rude but I’ve been noticing some people just deciding to forget that part of the rules and just write the whole story description instead. Plus, a more direct approach when describing the story that a cover should portray is the best tactic.

Also, I will need pictures or things like that to get a sense of what you want for your cover. High fantasy can go a long way so I don’t really have any ideas at the moment.


@Jay-Wan You already probably imagine this but I’m going to make it official right now: your request has been rejected. I have no idea what to do for the cover so I won’t be making it. I do feel awful about the fact that I tell you a no after all this time but I wrote to you almost a week ago and you never answered so I’m guessing you probably gave up on it too. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know. I hope you can find someone who actually makes it for you, though.


To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about the fact that the cover will most likely not be used on Wattpad. I think I have conflicted feelings at the moment. But your idea sounds kind of easy, I think. I’ll show you an example of something I have that could be changed to fit your request if you want me to change it that is.

(Imaged removed)

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It’s fine, take your time :slight_smile:

Though may I state one correction? I’d like the flames to be behind the model (it’s okay if it’s really faint) because right now, my eyes are being drawn to the blade of the knife, which technically isn’t the focus of the cover. And if possible, can you maybe change the colour of the flames to fit the colour scheme of what you have right now?

Thank you!


Yes!!! That would be super cool!!! If there was a way for you to swap out Madeline Petsch for Luca Hollestelle and maybe lighten up the background a bit that would be AMAZING!!! I completely understand if you don’t agree to this because it is a weird request, but if you do, thank you so SO much!!! :blush:


Yes, so sorry. And, no you were not rude, I’m in the wrong here, I guess that summary was very vague.

Alright, so the MC starts a mercenary business, teams up with a few strange and powerful people, and they go about their business before the MC is pushed to join this huge mulit-kingdom Tournament, where the winner will have the chance to court one of the two lovely princesses of the MC’s kingdom. Throughout this Tournament, the MC grows as a person and comes to realize his true place in the world, along with a shocking secret he learns about his own parentage. In the end, he loses at the last battle, but has changed many people’s perspectives on life, and in return has grown into a hardened merc ready to take on anything. (This is a prequel story to a much larger story)




I’m sorry but I’ve decided to deny your request. Please, read the message below for my explanation as to why. I do thank you for requesting, though.

To be honest, I thought about accepting your request but I decided against it. You aren’t sure if you’ll be using Wattpad to post the story so I won’t do your request. My graphics are exclusively for Wattpad writers for the moment. Sorry, I hope you find someone who actually does your cover. Thank you for requesting, though.


That’s okay!! No problem :slight_smile: Have a great night!!


Thank you and same to you.


TITLE: Eighty Three
GENRE: Teen Fiction
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Nova James has to team up with an old friend turned foe when a new threat comes to town threatening to take over both crews livelihoods. The two crews struggle to get along at first but soon two empires become one.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: This story revolves heavily around street racing, any type of car or truck in the distance, or one taking off. I also like the idea of having a house on fire in the background because that kind of is how these people will run around; like the house is on fire.

MOOD/THEME: The mood of the story is dark, A lot of bad stuff happens, but there is a small silver lining as there always is.
COLOR SCHEME: I love warm colors. Especially if you go in the burning house direction the warm reds, oranges and yellows are pretty and cohesive
INSPIRATION: I didnt have any inspiration, I just had a vision of things I thought would be intriguing
PASSWORD: my favorite book is looking for alaska by john green, it hurts my heart and its beautiful


Um, I don’t really have any ideas for your cover at the moment. If you find some covers or images I can use for inspiration then I might consider accepting your request, if not then I’m sorry to inform you that your request has been denied.



Here’s your cover, @moonlightshadow412. I hope you like it. I know you said something about putting the flames behind the model but I think it looks nice this way. Dunno. I just wanted to finally have a final product for your request. Sorry for the super long wait. Ugh! I’m ashamed of that actually. Anyways, let me know whether you will be using it or not. And tell me of any changes you want done to it.

Thank you for requesting.

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I’ve never worked with any knights so I would have to look for some before actually saying if I’m going to be making your cover or not. Feel free to request elsewhere in case I decide to deny your request.


SUB-TITLE: A Daughter’s Love
GENRE: Spiritual
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Long ago when the community of Islam was just beginning it’s journey there was a horrendous act that non-believers would bestow. Sons were considered prized possessions of the family while daughters were considered bad luck. Often times the baby girls were killed before they even had a chance at life.

Heer survives by her mothers hand when her father ordered her to dispose of her while he was away for five years… He comes back to see the little girl flourishing. This is her story and what a dughters love can do.
SPECIFIC IDEAS: Maybe a little girl around the age of 5/6/7, maybe incorporate a lightening bold somehwere.
<img src=“” width=300 />
<img src=“” width=300 />

I quite like the second one :slight_smile:
MOOD/THEME: Emotional and religious heavy
COLOR SCHEME: royal blue?
INSPIRATION: The first (FROST) was my fav
ANYTHING ELSE: um nope! :slight_smile: thanks in advance!
PASSWORD: The Gregor Series (LOVEEE, by the same author as Hunger Games.)Preformatted text


What have you to be ashamed of? This is wonderful! I’ll definitely be using this- and if you don’t mind, I will also be using this cover for NaNoWriMo.

Thank you to the sun and back!

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I don’t know, maybe the fact that I delivered your request super late? Well, I did make it before the end of October so I guess that I’m on schedule. Lol. I think I did tell you that I would have it made before the month ended.:joy:

And I’m glad you like it and will be using it. I actually came up with the idea surfing through Pinterest. And decided to use that model since I had cut her out a few days ago in school when I messed around with PS CC. But I am in love with the cover!:heart_eyes:

By the way, I don’t have any problems with you using the cover for NaNoWriMo as long as you actually post the story on Wattpad.

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Um, could you search for some pictures?


Hey, both of us agreed on ‘before November’, yeah? You made it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Me too!

No worries, I’ll post the story on Wattpad (and try to update on time too lol).

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