Hello, I’m Carmen! And I seem to like torturing myself by creating more work than I need to - SO here I am making covers and character aesthetics c:


  • Please use my form, complete the payment AFTER I’ve accepted and be patient.
  • Payment : Just an honest comment on one of my stories, please.
  • Password : Your favourite quote or state something that makes you happy :]


Cover (minimalist or simple):
Anything else?:


Character name:
Face claim:
Tell me about your character:
Characters hobby or dreams:
Anything else:

NOTE: if you don’t have a face claim or someone specific, you can just let me know their physical traits c:



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Holy shit! The aesthetic sense is just— :heart_eyes: Good luck with the thread, mate!

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Aww! Thank you!!

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I’ll give this a try but I suck at writing forms. Please let me know if I haven’t done something right.

Character name: Charles
Face claim: None [He is British, 24 and CEO for a multinational conglomerate. Real cliche, I know, but I swear it ain’t it. Dark blonde hair, blue eyes and very light stubble. But of all things, I’d like if you could somehow manage to not show any face, maybe? Like a side view or something?]
Tell me about your character: Uh, he poses as a businessman, but truly he is a spy. More like, heads a non–governmental organisation that’s been active for centuries now. As of now, he is neck–deep in survivor’s guilt and is dealing with PTSD for quite some time now. Raging alcoholic. He is a saint person in general, if talking about the “actual” him. Just going through a sad phase.
Characters hobby or dreams: He loves cooking and wildlife, like prioritises these two over humans, so he wants to build a place someday where animals could live safely without our protection. Too much of an idealistic dream. He loves big cats and baby fauna. As for hobby, cooking, web development, sword fighting and archery. Guns, swords and video games are his second love. First is animals. I think he maybe an ancient human stuck in the 21st century. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Mood/Genre: Royal and fine like a wine. Like, very classic and simple. He is not too loud.
Anything else: I hope I didn’t mess this up!

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Accepted! He sounds like an interesting character XD (and I love the name Charles!)

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Thank you so much! Even as a book designer, I suck at Character boards and stuff. So, this is a great help, really. I have got a whole lot of other characters waiting for the orders of Peaky Blinders!

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hahah and they’ll be waiting! XD

By the way, who made the character board in your story? Its really cool!

Also, do you just want ‘Charles’ to be written? You can also add something extra if you’d like: eg. “the spy” or “the poet” :joy:

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Eh, no—they are not cool. I made them, out of pure boredom and writers’ block. But thanks a lot!

His name is Charles Clifford, but that won’t be revealed in the first book. Name is the game, know what I mean? :joy: Uh, maybe—we could do a quote instead? Like, ‘life is a game; keep playing or be dead’? In tiny fonts, you know?

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Don’t worry, I got you :laughing: :joy:

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I have complete the payment—the chances are you’re going to see a whole lot of comment spam through your book. You have an amazing sense of description. Lend some of it to me!!

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haha, thank you! honestly, I feel like JoF is a mess right now since it hasn’t been edited, so if you manage to get through it, I thank and applaud you good sir! :joy:

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Does the story have to be posted?

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nope c:
but I would appreciate a credit if you end up using the graphic x

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Thanks for waiting! Hope you like it (if there are any changes you want let me know) x

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Oh, my— that is the most classy thing ever! :heart_eyes: It is awesome! Except—maybe if you could entertain a tiny change?? If you could, though not a compulsion, I’d like to have another image instead of that guy’s head—it’s just isn’t easily recognizable in the first go.

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No problem at all!
The other image I thought of using was the one below (but I thought it might not fit your character’s image since there’s the earring, what do you think?) Or do you have a pic you would like to use? (most of the pics I found you could see their faces which is why I haven’t used them).


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Okay, so I tried browsing for something that I like—but it turns out that people want to see the face and I’m not exactly comfortable with more a dozen handsome men gawking at me from the laptop screen. :joy: God, it’s awful! On a second note, maybe you could look up a blonde guy? Like, face included? I’m terribly bad at the whole aesthetic sense, so poor Charles is at your mercy now!