just wanted to test the new clubs by taking a few requests

general rules

  • provide at least 2 ideas

  • use my form and double space it

  • don’t put the summary/gist of your story anywhere in the form

anything else?

Please send in fakes too if you want to lol, i rlly just wanna test this thing out


sorry this is a mess LOL this new forum is actually rlly confusing lol. so apparently u cant upload images OR post links?? so here’s a link for my examples: [https]:// – just remove the brackets around https

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You can post images and links on these forums but since you’ve joined recently I don’t think you can. I think you have to be a member for a certain amount of time before you gain access to it :woman_shrugging:

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I can start by sending out a fake, since right now I don’t need real ones. But just for now

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title: The Madness Club

author: Preeya Nazli


ideas: 1. Have lockers on the background; then, add some glitter OR paint splatter and write the title at the center, possibly with a brush effect. Otherwise, a handwritten or cursive font can make do.

2. Have a girl (preferably blonde-haired or with dyed hair) looking surprised or shocked (though, that’s optional). The background could be a classroom, and you could add doodles. The text should be at the center.

genre: teen fiction

anything else? fake!

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[quote=“cannons, post:1, topic:2210”]
title: When We Fall

author: Jax Mayflower

*subtitle: Her castle crumbled.

ideas: For my first idea, I would love a simplistic cover with a girl with brown hair sitting on the edge of a bridge. The colour scheme of the image should be mainly blues and greys. For my second idea, I would love it if there could be a girl with brown hair standing in front of a mansion (if you need an image, I’ll happily link you one) with a boy in front of her.

genre: Teen Fiction / Chicklit

anything else?: It’s for a book that hasn’t been published yet. Thank you if you accept <3


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Hmm, I see. Well, that’s just inconvenient.

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If I get the cover, can I have a couple of weeks to get the main chunk of the book written before I upload? x

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Yeah, sure! That’s not a problem (:

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I really like your work!

title: Ranger Rising

author: Francesca Moody

*subtitle: A Dungeons and Dragons inspired story

ideas: teenaged girl, archery, male elf, woods, a dangerous/mysterious beast, farm town

genre: Fantasy

anything else: Absolutely no romance or romantic undertones in this book

Seriously, your work looks lovely. Welcome to the new forums!

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yes, 24 hours


I’ll try this out but no promises! and thank you so much (:

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If you are still accepting when I get home I’d love for one. <3

I so wish I could do this but Alastair doesn’t have proper title and stuff yet. :sob:

hey sorry but i cant seem to do your fake, everything i came up with looked horrible xc

sure! i’ll reserve a spot for you :slight_smile:

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aww thats fine! maybe next time :wink:

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Thank you :slight_smile: