I’m looking for a beta reader to relay the ups and downs of my story. I want a beta-reader who will focus on the characters, how invested they are in the story, how they feel about the plot, and whether or not they even want to continue reading. If you are partway through and determine you aren’t interested, let me know so that I can edit and fix that! I’d rather you tell me you’re not interested than just disappear.

Payment: I am willing to read a story that is the same length as mine (about 95k words) OR to read multiple stories that add up to the length of mine! I have cleared some of my schedule for this, so it’s my hope that the other person involved can do the same. I don’t need feedback within a week or anything, but I would like to move at similar paces.

                              MY STORY

Logline: When the most feared witch in the desert loses a magical artifact, an ill-fated assassin must track down the ancient spellbook-- or else she could lose more than the freedom she aches for.

Title: The Book of Sand
Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
Description: Aumee is an assassin who works for the most feared witch in the Waystland. When she discovers that the witch plans on selling her off in marriage, Aumee realizes she must find a way to bargain for her own freedom. It just so happens that one of the witch’s informants made a mistake and lost track of an extremely important ancient spellbook. Aumee makes a deal: if she can track down the spellbook and return it to the witch within the month, she’ll be free.

The only problem is that on her way to retrieving the spellbook she becomes close with those around her and realizes that her own freedom can cost the freedom and lives of so many others.

Other Important Information: 27 chapters total, currently only 25 are posted. About 3.5k words per chapter (a normal print-novel length).

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Hey! I want to do this! But I do not have 95k words or anywhere close to that amount ;( I am writing a fantasy story as well so I think we could really help each other out!

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I could help!

I have a 40k word novella (fairy tale fantasy) that I’m potentially looking to expand out and my current WIP (political fantasy) has 50k of ~100k up. I’d love feedback on either.

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What point are you at in your story? Are you still in the planning stage or have you begun writing? I’m definitely willing to trade/help, but I just am curious as to what steps you’re at right now :slight_smile:

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This sounds great! If you want, I could read the novella and what you have so far of your political fantasy?

Whatever feels right to you!

Is you WP name the same as the forum?

I have 7 published chapters so far, all of which have only 1-2k words.

Yup! I’m still @latchkeyy on WP.

Well if you’re interested in reading my full work and I can help you along the way to yours, we can do that! Or, if you only want to read as my work as I’m reading of yours, that’s fine as well :slight_smile: My first two chapters alone are like 7k (about what you have so far). So it’s up to you! And if you want to revisit in the future, that’s fine as well. I also have a book review service, so if you want I could read what you have so far and write up some reviews and detailed notes for you if you think that’s a proper payment??

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All of the options sound awesome to me haha! How about we do a long term style service? We read each others as we go along? I will read the first 2 chapters and you can read my chapters, and as I post more you can give me feedback?

Sounds great to me! Thank you again, and just follow/add/message me on WP once you’re wanting to start!

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Alrighty, I’ll do it rn lol, btw I am really busy with university so I will be extremely slow

Hey this sounds perfect for me! I’m just about to finish my story and I’ll be done by tomorrow! My story is also fantasy, it’s a YA fantasy/romance story.

I’m definitely interested! I’ll PM you for more details :slight_smile:

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