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OPTION 1: inline comments on 12:01

OPTION 2: 3+ lined comments on 12:01

OPTION 3: adding 12:01 to your reading list


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title: Kisses In The Dark

subtitle: Is love really enough to conquer all?

author: DSWilson

images/ideas: I had the idea of a silhouette of a couple kissing with a slight illumination of a darker background or a bouquet of roses with a blurred background so the focus is on the roses and I want the mood to be dark and mysterious

summary: What do you do when everyone and everything is hell bent on destroying everything you love?




title: Unrequited Arrows
subtitle: A #ToAllTheBoysContest Entry
author: dijahstilldreaming
images/ideas: Something romantic, maybe a journal or whatever you see fit? Please have the title written in ursive, and the subtitle in a sans-serif all-caps font.
summary: Juliette’s letter to Noah after a party
extra: If possible, could you turn this into a sticker for the cover. if not, that’s quite alright! :slight_smile:


hi there! so, it probably would work best if you but a space between [center] and <span… so your form works! (it would be easier for me to read the form, if that makes sense. make sure to double space your form as well!

on that note, you’re accepted! please complete a payment of 10-15 inline comments on 1201 and CHAPTER 1. Let me know when payment is complete!


ooh, I think I got an idea for this! what cursive font are you looking for? gotcha for the subtitle though, and I think I can do the sticker :slight_smile:

accepted! please complete a payment of 10-15 inline comments on CHAPTER 8 Let me know when payment is complete!


For cursive fonts, I’m thinking maybe Shorelines, Velocity, Red Velvet, Little Mandy (download button in the top right), or something similar.

About the payment, do I still have to make 8 inline comments when I already added 12 01 (very interesting, plot) to my reading list? I’ll still do it if required, I just have to do a bit of reading first! :sweat_smile:

Anyways, thanks for accepting my request, I know it’s a handful, so I’ve already started reading 12 01, so hopefully, I’ll get to Chapter 8 by tonight! :slight_smile:


yes! sorry about that, yikes. usually my payments are comments and not reading lists–hope that’s okay! I can work with these fonts! ill let you know if I have other questions for your cover :smile:


That’s more than OK! You work really hard on these covers and the comments are a great way for more reads and reader engagement on your story. :smile:


Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I finished the inline comments on Chapter 8, and am anticipating the next update (your story’s really good)


And also, I’m changing the title of the book to Unrequited Arrows, Hope that’s no trouble! :slight_smile:


no trouble! it’s all good. ill start on your cover now, and it might be delivered today or tomorrow, hope that’s okay! and ahhhh thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That time range is perfect! That’s a lot less time than I expected it to take for beautiful work like yours! :heart_eyes:


I’ve tried fixing it but idk if it’s because I’m using my phone or if I’m just too dense to know how to do it lol :neutral_face:


you’re not! I get you. I spent ours trying to code, ugh
so you know how when you copy the form, it shows “&gt or &It;span?” you’re going to have to change those things to <span yourself. if this is too complex for you (and don’t worry if it is!) just fill it out and double space without the coding :blush:


<span style=“font-size:15px; text-align:center; color:#; font-family: ;”> title: subtitle: author: images/ideas: summary: extra: </span>


I was wondering if you make GIF chapter banners like the ones you have in your story? Also, do i credit you using your wattpad username?


I do! They’re mostly simple though, but I do make gif banners. Yes! credit will look like: graphic (or you can use cover) by @AverySummers on the summary of your story!