title: From the Deep Sea Below
author: RichardWho
images/ideas: perhaps a hand reaching out from sea weed? Or you can show a dome city under water?
summary: If there is a world up above it has long been destroyed. Atlas, a three city kingdom hidden at the deepest part of the ocean, is swarming with deceit from it’s rulers. Children of the Rapture-the Wretched- as many call them have been sterilized from every using their powers, wearing devices planted in their head to contain him.
Naeva was one of them, now spending her time assassinating those who destroy the lives of many citizens. One day she comes across a group of her kind, children of the revolution as they call them, and they need Naeva to be the final push in bringing Atlas into it’s former glory.
extra: have a darn great day. My favorite day is Halloween.


title: The Secrets of Namkyung High
author: pjmoppa
subtitle: none
images/ideas: hmmm an image i have in mind for the cover is a victorian style school/mansion with the title looming above the structure of the school or a dark hallway/library with the title placed in the middle. the theme i have in mind for the cover is dark and creepy
summary: Chaos erupts in South Korea’s most prestigious high school for the elites when one of their best students, Jang Ki Young’s dead body was found in the campus’ main library on the third day of her senior year.

The suspects? The nine students who shared an all exclusive dormitory with her.

But who among them is the real killer?

extra: my favorate day of the year is Dec 25 bc its christmas

thanks for taking the time to read this please let me know if you’ve accepted my request


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title: Constellations
author: willowalmighty
subtitle: n/a
images/ideas: I like the look of your Charming Charlie covers, crisp and clean, but also a bit messy in a handwriting type of font. I’d prefer no faces but the main character has long and dark brown hair and pale skin. The biggest idea I can think of is something relating to being on the road, in a car, or a dingy truck. I’m not too picky about anything so really any sort of inspiration you may have, go for it! (I have I think four books that I’d love matching covers for so if you’re down, I am!)
summary: “In which a girl who’s afraid of everything asks a favor of a boy who worships Queen and lives in a dirty baseball cap, leaving them riding across the country on a hasty road trip.” It’s a wholesome book and the girl’s a relatable hermit and then there’s loss and grief.
extra: My favorite day is July 10th bc my baby girl was born:-)



Please make sure to give credit in the summary,

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accepted! please complete a payment of 5-10 inline comments on 12:01 Just click the link and the chapter would lead you to “12:01” (chapter name) and comment on that part. Let me know when payment is complete! also, yes, I would love to attempt matching covers if you’re okay haha. and awww, July 10, that’s so nice!


im sorry, but I will have to DENY you since you have not completed payment within 10 days.


thank you so so much!! looking forward to reading :slight_smile: and for sure, i’ll request the next one whenever this one is done


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title: Slow Dancing In White

author: Angel Durham

subtitle: You don’t choose love, love chooses you

images/ideas: I want a girl with dark hair in a white ballgown with a white masquerade mask, maybe a snow owl somewhere in there? I want it to have a snowy look to it.

summary: When Evie knocked on Chance’s door, he was sure she was there looking for a Donor. He had been expecting one of her kind since discovering them two years ago. When Evie asks for his company instead? Well, turns out Evie was just lonely, needed someone to talk to, even if it would be hard for Chance to get through her walls and flirty, outgoing exterior, he’d soon find a much deeper, more soft version of her locked inside. After all, nobody chooses love, love chooses you. (This is just my idea so far, so, this may not even be a good summary)

extra: I tried to find reference images, if the idea is too hard, I’d be fine with just a white masquerade mask or that with a snowy/white owl against a black backdrop

October 16th


I’m so sorry I had a super busy weekend and totally slipped my mind to come and check! I checked the queue a few days ago and it said delivered but I couldn’t see any post with the cover so I told myself I would check again but totally forgot :sweat: I’m sorry! Thank you for putting in the time, though I really appreciate it.


I’ll send it to you right now, if you’d like. Thanks for replying! <3 Noooo it’s okay honestly life sucks but I still have your cover if you’d like to see it!


That’d be great! Thank you so much, I hope it’s not too much trouble!


title: The Curse of Bliss
author: Malena Stark
subtitle: N/A
images/ideas: The story is apocalyptic, so I was thinking of a guy standing on his own or in ruins. I don’t want his face to be visible (so either turned away or blurred).
summary: Poison is everywhere, and Amery Williams is learning the truth. When he emerges from the local clinic after a long stay, he quickly realizes that things are different. Doors are closed, guards walk the streets, and nights are no longer safe.
It isn’t until he comes across he tries to reach his older brother, a long term addict, to see if he is safe, that he realizes the extent of the poison.
The walls are falling, people are losing their minds, and Amery will have to try and survive in poisoned world.
extra: My favorite day of the year is Christmas Eve, and thanks!


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Please make sure to give credit in the summary,

and to claim your cover within 3 days!

Thanks for requesting!


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