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I really like it! Thanks I’ll credit you:)


hey! sorry for the wait! so here is what I have so far: the sword has the wolf in it, but I dont know if its big enough or if its what you wanted. let me know though, Im open to making changes hehe.




Payment complete!


It is different from how I originally wanted it, but I actually like your version! Could you maybe put a wolf in the background watching her, too? It would be a dark auburn colored wolf, but if you can’t do the dark auburn then a brown color would be fine. Could you possibly darken the forest, too?

It’s beautiful so far, thank you, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


title: How to be everything & nothing
subtitle: You can’t run forever
images/ideas: a blue or green background of a forest with a mystical feel, a faerie girl with her back turned, a clock somewhere, lettering in different fonts, stone statue of an angel, the colour theme could be dark or light. (you don’t need to incorporate all of the elements, only some. Also, whatever seems fitting for you)

summary: Lore is a faerie girl who has been running from the law for 2 years. She narrowly escaped a death sentence for the murder of someone in her family, but that’s not the full story. She accidentally finds a human boy in Faerie, and humans in Faerie are unheard of.
extra :I used some of those pictures in the design of the current cover, but I couldn’t seem to get the composition right and some people really didn’t like it :confused:. The story is set in the land of Faerie, but it isn’t “high fantasy”.


title: Alpha’s Revenge
author: Jade Carter
subtitle: N/A
images/ideas: I would really like something cold and dark because the theme to the book is extremely dark please. I’m thinking that something with a youngish girl or at least shadow of her (roughly around 18 years old). In my book, they don’t shift so although it’s werewolf, I don’t want a wolf on the cover because I think readers may get confused. But apart from that I don’t really have many ideas, sorry aha.
summary: I’d be dead by sunrise.

No matter how painful it would be physically and mentally, I had to keep running, I had no other option. I had to cross the border and free myself from the Deception Pack before I was captured for a murder that I had no intention of committing.

‘Surround the border so that she can’t escape, and secure the Alpha’s estate. We need her in our captivity by nightfall. That’s not a request, it is a demand!’ I heard the Captain shout at his men.

Shit. They’re going to block me in and it’ll be a game of cat and mouse.

But mice are small, and can outsmart a cat. And that is exactly what I intended to do.

After her brother was murdered by her father, Ariadne has nothing left to lose when she kills her father in self-defence. But what happens when she ends up on the Alpha’s estate and vows to seek revenge for the pain that the justice system enabled her father to inflict upon her?
extra: It’s quite a cold book that doesn’t have a happy ending

My favourite day in the year is Halloween because of all the cool creepy stuff, they’re usually really nice to look at (and the candles smell so good that you can get like pumpkin spice)


of course! ill get to that right away haha


it seems like fantasy. Im sorry but I dont know exactly what youre looking for. not high fantasy? can you elaborate on that?


denied. Im sorry but I dont think I can do something with the ideas youre giving me around, and Im trying to take a little break from werewolf/shifter books haha. thanks so much for requesting though, and I hope you find someone! <3


accepted! please complete 10-15 inline comments on CHAPTER 9. Let me know when payment is complete, and then I’ll deliver your cover!


im so sorry, but im going to have to deny. I tried your cover and it didn’t work out so well. hope you can find someone!


whoops!:grin: I just edited my post to fix that. I can be so forgetful sometimes.


Payment is complete, the story was interesting! I think I’ll have to add it to my library lol


title: Mystic
author: K.M. Le Gros
images/ideas: Harry Potter themed. A girl with her back turned or not sowing her face. Long white hair.


Thanks for trying. Have a great day


Well I guess it’s magical but its not like lord of the rings or anything complicated like that


ah, so it’s light fantasy? is that what you’re trying to say?



Please make sure to give credit in the summary,

and to claim your cover within 3 days!

Thanks for requesting!