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title: Devil in Me

author: Clarissa La Fey

subtitle: And I went tumbling down trying to reach your high
But I scream too loud if I speak my mind

images/ideas: i have absolutely no clue, i’m so freaking bad at ideas. it is a social media book, but it isn’t light? does that make sense? i dont know if it does. from the summary below, i guess you could do something about a blonde girl (the face claim for Tatiana is Dove Cameron by the way lol, i don’t know if that helps) and incorperate broken bottles? something that represents how she is spiraling as her life crumbles around her (i.e. she parties more and more, doesn’t eat as much as she should, and she has an addiction to alcohol and drugs, so something that represents that?)

summary: so basically, in this AU anyway, Chris Evans has a little sister named Tatiana Evans who is twenty, and she joins the Marvel universe along with her brother, however, she is going through a hard time with everything and she starts spiraling when everything comes crashing down on her, and Tom (Holland) is the one who helps her recover from everything

extra: thank you so much if you can do this it would mean the world to me! my favourite day of the year would have to be either Christmas or New Years Eve :blush:


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title: The Girl Who Froze The World

author: F. R. Johnson

subtitle: Sometimes it falls to you to show the world the truth

images/ideas: Basically, I want ice to play a big part in the cover. I would love for there to be a girl who looks traditionally Native American. If she could be barefoot that’d be great! Including a fox as a sort of guide would also being amazing! Also, my mc is only 14 years old and she has long straight black hair. She also has dark brown eyes with a silver ring around the outside of them. If there is a background, it would be awesome it were nature like with mountains. Also idk if this’ll make sense, but can you make it look kind of like a spirit world? Like flowy and blurred, but the mc in focus if you choose to include here. Tbh I trust you judgement!
These are a few aesthetic pics, not really meant to be on the cover :slight_smile:

summary: Kira has always been curious about the world. When she decides to run away from home to prove that the world is bigger than her home, she finds herself thrust into the spirit world. Now in the safe keeping of her fox spirit guide, she learns things about her home that she never knew.

extra: the mood of this isn’t really serious. It’s a coming of age story, but it has adventure and some humor! It’s supposed to be a book targeted at 12–15 year olds
password: My birthday!


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Please make sure to give credit in the summary,

and to claim your cover within 3 days!

Thanks for requesting!


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@AverySummers Hey if you’re having trouble because of the ideas I gave you I found something easier that may help. Perhaps you can do a mask as in my story the criminals wear mask (like animals or monsters) to be unrecognizable to the police.


title: Burning Blue

author: ofcourseitriedthat

subtitle: n/a

images/ideas: i really like silhouettes so maybe something like this: (but better please this image isn’t great but i can’t find anything better)… definitely at least one male silhouette (maybe more than one) with some colour somewhere

summary: Burning Blue is a world-famous pop-punk band, renowned for their incredible talent at such a young age. Made up of five 18-year-old boys, the band tries to navigate issues arising from both the music industry and their personal lives as they transition from adolescence to adulthood, while trying to make sure they don’t lose themselves along the way

extra: (password) favourite day is halloween - it’s just a fun day and it also happens to be my birthday


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