title: I Choose You

author: Katy C.

subtitle: none

images/ideas: so, this book is kind of a love triangle, but sort of not at the same time. The main character, Emery, is very sweet and innocent, so maybe that will help in trying to convey the mood of the cover? I don’t want it to be anything with her stuck between two boys, but maybe her just looking conflicted standing in front of one boy with dark hair. If you have any other ideas (or better ones haha) those are absolutely welcome!

summary: Emery Hall has been in love with Evan Andrews since the moment she laid eyes on him that fateful day in the fifth grade. Her whole life has been spent pining after him and trying to make him fall in love with her. But when she’s not pining after Evan she’s studying or helping peer tutor other students.

Aiden Parker, the school’s heartthrob star basketball player and school prankster is renowned for his charm and swoon worthy smiles. His spare time is usually spent pulling pranks on his classmates and teachers or using his god-given charm on every girl in the vicinity. You’d expect for him to be on top of the world, with all the girls pouring into his life, but no one knows how he truly feels.

After the two are forced together in an impromptu tutor session and they begin to spend more and more time together there’s no denying the electrifying connection between them. Emery begins to fall ever more deeply for Aiden with each passing second.

So when she’s faced with the impossible decision of having to choose between the one boy she’s loved all her life, and the boy who’s made her feel more alive then she’s ever felt …

Who will she choose?

extra: my favorite day of the year is the 4th of July


title: Between The Notes
author: Diana M
images/ideas: I would like anything involving music, it can be simple, it can be a very simple cover so long as it has anything with music in it. a guitar. a music sheet.
summary: This is a book filled with short stories based on songs. every story is different but they do connect one way or another.
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title: Coming Up Roses
author: WonderlanddNightmare
subtitle: N/A
images/ideas: A girl holding a coffee, looking happy. A girl and a guy looking like they are having a great time, the guy with his arms around the girl. A girl looking out the window, looking melodramatic or sad. A girl standing around a bed of roses or having a rose in her hand.
summary: This is about a girl who is going through a rough patch. Her parents have just gotten divorced. She is separated from her Twin who decides to go with her mom to a new state while she decides to move in with her father, who she gets along with better. She begins to feel a little depressed being separated from her life-line; having to move to a new school all by herself without her other half. Soon she meets a new set of friends and finally starts to feel like she’s settling in. But she never thought she’d start to fall for anyone, especially her newest friend who is slowly warming his way into her heart.
extra: My favorite day o the year… Probably Halloween. :stuck_out_tongue: I love that Holiday and not just because of the candy, rotfl.


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title: Mania
author: Rachel H.
images/ideas: I have no images and you have creative freedom to do whatever you like, but if you need ideas or background here is some: You could do any color scheme. If you want a few ideas (to which you don’t have to follow) maybe a simple cover with just the title on the front, or an illustration of a brain, or an illustration of a little cactus, or a picture with a girl with her head in her hands.
ma·ni·a [ˈmānēə]
mental illness marked by periods of great excitement or euphoria, delusions, and overactivity.
The heartbreaking and inspiring story of the depressed, overworked, anxiety ridden college student Jade.
extra: The story centers around mental illness and mental health of people in college, and how once thrown into the “real world” (college) they are expected to just deal with things on their own and move on.


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title: Mystic
author: K.M. Le Gros
images/ideas: Harry Potter themed. Girl with long white hair, her face not showing or only the side of it.
summary: Lisette Delacour was the older cousin to Triwizard Champion Fleur Delacour.
She was there the night of the third task.
She was there for the death of Cedric Diggory.
She knew she shouldn’t have gone.
But she went anyway.
What others don’t know about Lisette is that she hadn’t left her home in Paris, France for ten years before she agreed with her uncle to accompany his wife and their youngest daughter to support her cousin in the Tournament.
She had a reason for secluding herself.
Something dark lived inside Lisette.
She held a dark secret that had burdened her life.
She was a seeker for death.
And death seeked her.


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