Oh well when I got started I couldn’t stop XD


hey did you decide whether you are doing mine or not? Just want to make sure you get your payment if you are!


it’ll take a while to attempt it :slight_smile: but you don’t need to do payment for now!


im so sorry but please both read the rules on the first post because you are missing something :D


sure! <3 ill fix it and deliver both your covers in a lil bit (or in a day or so, if that’s okay!)


pending means I’m working on your cover! <3


no rush at all! thank you so much



Please make sure to give credit in the summary,

and to claim your cover within 3 days!

Thanks for requesting!


are u still open


Thank you <3 I just didn’t know that’s all, I thought I’d forgotten to do something :joy::blush:


yes! :heart:


Beautiful! I love it and will be using it!


title: What lies between us
author: Tabrea
subtitle: unravel me
images/ideas: I have a few book cover that I liked for some inspiration

summary: In Club Rive, all eyes are on Sutton Neyens. Striking wasn’t even close to describing her. Men adore her and women want to be her. Love, however, was never on the table until a certain NYPD detective stumbles into her club. He immediately catches her eye and to her horror, Sutton begins to fall for the one man who doesn’t want her.

Love plays hard to get, but Sutton always gets what she wants. Even if she must take it by force.


If I change the title of my book can you change it on the cover? :thinking:


<img src= width=“341” height=“55”>

title: player /ˈpleɪə/ noun
author: A.R.G
subtitle: Can an actor really be trusted?
images/ideas: The female MC has long black hair, blue eyes and freckles, aged 23. The male MC is Native American, shoulder length dark hair, golden brown eyes, very tall and muscular. aged 28. You do not need to include either on the cover. Something relating to scripts perhaps? Maybe spilled coffee/a coffee ring on the table with a script. Anything that nods to it being set in Hollywood/ show bizzzzzz. I trust you.
Scarlett Sinclair used to be a household name, but that was ten years ago.
After a huge shock to the system, Scar finds herself homeless and broke, forced back into the warm, familiar arms of show business.
Except, the reality of Hollywood for an adult is completely different to what Scar knew as a child. When she captures the attention of Nate Tanner, Scar is pulled into a web of lies and deceit, rumour and reputation.
“But, darling, we’re just acting.”
extra: I love ya! Is that what the extra means? Idk Aves :orange_heart:


title: The Beauty Curse
author: Cosette Altair
subtitle: Beauty is a beast
images/ideas: I want it split into half. One side is in color and features half the face of Katie McGrath. On the other side I want half the head of a wolf. The background is a forest.
summary: After an outburst on her thirteenth birthday, Belle Proulx-Charming finds herself searching for love in America where life has reverted to medieval traditions.
extra: Christmas.



Please make sure to give credit in the summary,

and to claim your cover within 3 days!

Thanks for requesting!


yes! as long as it’s the cover I made and as long as I didn’t delete the file haha


I’m sorry, I don’t think I can do this so denied. x