i would love to attempt this cover if thats okay with you! x


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Yay okay I am super excited lol I’m working on outlining this novel and I’ll have it ready by the time you give me my cover. <3 Thank you so much! :smiley:


i would love to attempt this cover if thats okay with you! x


Of course lovely girl :orange_heart:






title: Alone Together
author: Sarah Beynon
subtitle: n/a
images/ideas: It’s based on Doctor Who (the thirteenth doctor, so Jodie Whittaker) so possibly her. Maybe something to. do with space. Preferably darkish colours like blues and purples.
summary: How do you go from being alone for so long, to surrounded by people? People you don’t know. People who claim to know you. How do you go from a world of pain and loneliness to a world filled with love? A world filled with false love. A world filled with unknown deceit. How do you live alone, but together?
extra: favourite day of the year is definitely Christmas, no questions asked.


title: three evils of orchard catholic
author: jack janowitz
subtitle: i need something, something more
images/ideas: like a forest with a lake, or just a picture of a lake. a picture of three boys would also work. the mood is kinda sad and melancholy, as the story is a dark-ish mystery/teen fiction. here are some inspo pics:

summary: When Amel Moon and three of her friends start to look into three mysterious “accidents” as a part of a history project about the area their boarding school is on, they had no idea what they were getting into. Unbeknownst to her, all three victims of said accidents had come back as ghosts. Except, they didn’t want to haunt her–or anyone for that matter. In fact, Amel didn’t even know they were there. Not until one of the victims, Timothy Fern, starts to interact with her. And help her with her investigation.
extra: my favorite day is Valentine’s Day, which is weird cause I’ve never actually been dating anyone on Valentine’s Day.


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A cover please

title: Four Minutes
author: KateAnnee
subtitle: -
images/ideas: A girl and boy acting cute. They are in love with each other, carefree and messing with one another.
summary: May Carter never believed in fate or destiny. She thought that with hard work and a good mindset, she could be anything and go anywhere.

Though, that was until Noah Foster came into her life. He believed in everything, she didn’t.

They had nothing in common, but a lot could happen in four minutes.

extra: May Cater, (Main female character.) is African American. (The main male character) Noah Foster is Caucasian.

My favourite day of the year is Christmas Day (25th of December.) because on this day my whole family come together and it’s quite beautiful.

I’m sorry but I couldn’t get the coding to work. I tried multiple times but it just didn’t work for me but the new coding is beautiful!


title: Blame the goddess
author: Laynejodi
subtitle: Legend Series
images/ideas: Actually, not sure. I bought the current cover outright, but I’m told it’s not good. So, I need something else captivating, with the three men and must have the sun over the moon in this book. It can be something Cal squashing the moon in one hand and holding the sun up in another with his mates looking on?
summary: Callum ‘Cal’ Yorke an omega, mated to an Alpha and a High Lord. Cal is not your typical Omega, not too feminine or soft, actually tall and slim.
extra: All the books in this series (five of them) must have the sun and moon in one way of the other on the cover. All my MC are Caucasian. Cal’s hair red, the other two black.
My favorite day of the year: My birthday.
Payment: OPTION 1: inline comments on 12:01 - Done
OPTION 3: adding 12:01 to your reading list - On my reading list #2


title: The Boy’s Thoughts
subtitle: what he doesn’t say
images/ideas: a girl with freckles with her eyes closed, she’s a red head and there’s an open notebook above her head.
summary: after the death of her fisherman father, Avery Saunders has finally found the courage to stop and rethink her life choices. She has stopped professionally photography for those around her and go back to school. While there, she meets a boy named Saven Carr, who instantly inspires her. So much so, she asks him to be her documentary subject. Will romance bloom?
extra: Saven has a lisp and his mom is asian american who is a full time nurse





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Please make sure to give credit in the summary,

and to claim your cover within 3 days!

Thanks for requesting!