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title: the love that remains.
author: aditi jain
images/ideas: maybe on the sides, black and white zayn malik and selena gomez, both sad, and in the middle, them, smiling or sad. maybe their Polaroids, smiling or sad.

summary: “Was I stupid for falling in love with you or stupid for believing you were falling just as hard ?” she asked him, her eyes wet with tears, sparkling under the light of the moon, wanting the answer from him.

They were over, yet there was a spark between them.

extra: my fav day of the year is, 4th march.


How you make the words different colors.


all the words have to be coded a different color to match a gradient color scheme :slight_smile:


accepted! please complete a payment of 5-10 inline comments on 12:01 Just click the link and the chapter would lead you to “12:01” (chapter name) and comment on that part. Let me know when payment is complete!





denied x. I tried this out–but I don’t think I can do this.


Hey, payment is done. I don’t usually read books other than zayn fanfic, but this book is great. I will surely complete thr book. Keep it up :heart:


title: tuesday & max
author: kateryderbooks / kate ryder
subtitle: none
images/ideas & summary: i’d really love a bright, statement cover that’s either cartoon-y or quite simple? i really love your running with scissors cover and your she can’t control herself cover especially. my story is about the friendship and then relationship between a girl who’s mother recently died and a boy who’s mother has OCD. it’s kind of a recovery story. tuesday’s mother recovered from breast cancer, but then she died in a vehicle collision; and max is struggling to deal with his mom’s condition.
story aesthetics ideas: blue, yellow, flowers, scattered petals, camper vans, sewing machines, dress-making, OCD, love, friendship, water, nature.
i’m sorry if this is too vague! this is the first time i’ve ever requested a cover, i usually make them myself.
extra: your covers are lovely!


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denied. x sorry )):


hi, can you maybe provide more ideas instead of aesthetics? im not sure if you want a minimal feel or a simple feel right now haha. also, please read the first post again, you’re missing something.


ah i’m sorry, i totally did see that haha! my favourite day of the year is may 22nd. i’m sorry, i don’t have any concrete ideas beyond what i posted - if it’s too vague, i don’t mind if you deny!


It’s okay I lurv ya for trying :heart:


I think I can do it–one moment while I accept!


accepted! please complete payment of inline comments throughout 12:01 (any chapters really, max inline comments in just 10 however).


i will do this as soon as i get home tonight, if not when i get to work tomorrow morning! thanks for giving it a shot! :yellow_heart: