what’s the coding for making it diffferent colors?

<font color=     pink>

Put them together and the color you want


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You are more than welcome




i left a bunch of comments - not sure if i left enough, i’m not sure how many i was supposed to leave, but let me know if you want more! :blush:




Hey! Great covers! I was wondering what this font is? It looks like Marbach but Marbach doesn’t have that A :s


title: Ricochet
author: MsRedMonster
subtitle: none
images/ideas: please use any image that has a camera. Don’t show any celebrity faces please. I’m thinking of hands of a girl holding a camera facing font. Just, anything with a camera. The mood is darkish because the genre of the story is thriller.
summary: story is about a group of friends who have encountered some weird kind of people.
extra: My idea is, the book is entitled ricochet but instead of a gun, my main character holds a camera. That’s why it is very vital to my cover.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.




title: Love is a suicide
author: imtotallynotokay
subtitle: n/a
images/ideas: i was thinking of having maybe some roses or maybe a guy holding some flowers or perhaps two guys talking on a swing set
summary: James moves to a new town and meets someone he’ll never forget. (My original description is crappy so I tried to think of a new one on the spot).
extra: this is a gay book about having to sacrifice you’re relationship or you’re family. The two main characters also meet at a park and swing on the swing sets and just laugh and talk for awhile. (Idk why I added that part).


accepted! please complete payment of inline comments throughout 12:01 (any chapters really, max inline comments in just 10 however). I’LL DELIVER ONCE YOU COMPLETED PAYMENT!


IM HIII YES I REMEMBER YOU AHHHHH! I’m sorry, I actually don’t (and honestly never did) know the girl’s name–sorry! I just found her on Pinterest and :joy:

accepted! please complete a payment of 5-10 inline comments on 12:01 Just click the link and the chapter would lead you to “12:01” (chapter name) and comment on that part. Let me know when payment is complete!


hi! the font is the last font I’m wasting on you


youre missing something, please read post #1 and edit your form.


denied. sorry, but I don’t seem to have much ideas or inspo for this cover, hope you can find someone! x


Thank you so much! Do you know where I can buy it or what company it’s by?? :black_heart:


you can look it up online :slight_smile: I got mine for free, but I don’t know if it’s for commercial use (by


Yeahh hI’m just finding free for personal use all over Google, but I think I’ve found the company!! Thank you so much :black_heart:


no problem! :heart: