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if you’d like to take one of this just leave a comment letting me know.

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HII Aneon or sky? or some name? X3 *waves * :calmwolf: I really like the “Magic Night” and “Battle of Crowns” cover stalks


TITLE: Half-Light
AUTHOR: Michelle du Toit
IDEAS: I’d like a dark forest type background with Maia Mitchell
Also add “the sun had vanished and dusk had taken over”
PICTURES: for inspration

Maia Mitchell
MOOD OR COLORS: Dark and Mysterios, red and blue
EXTRAS: I love your graphics, you’re very talented!!

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Hi! Maia is fine :rofl:. Thanks!

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accepted. please complete payment.

Okie dokie, Maia it is, lol :calmwolf:

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Thanks so much for your service! I really really appreciate it :heavy_heart_exclamation:

As a payment, I’ll add your story “Vermillion & Silver” into my reading list (done!). I also would like to recommend you a story made by one of my favourite writers, it is called the"• the painter •" and it’s super amazing!

Godspeed, E.

WAAA! You’re very talented! I love you works!

accepted. the story you recommended looks interesting and well written thanks!
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Title: Sparks Collide
Subtitle: One princess. One prince. An entire universe.
Author: Alyse Palsulich
Ideas: One idea is a girl with dark hair standing in the middle of flames (this could be in a palace, a forest, or a space ship) another idea is a dark haired princess with water powers standing back to back with a brown haired prince with fire powers (though the powers don’t have to be there, just an idea if possible), any presence of fire/water powers is awesome :slight_smile:
Pictures for inspiration:
magicfire mirrorking thecrown emberintheashes
Mood or colors: The genre of this story is fantasy with a touch of romance/teen fiction and the mood would be a bit mysterious I believe There should be a sense of royalty and battles if possible-or whatever you think would be best. I love your graphics (especially Battle of the Crowns and Vermillion & Silver) so clearly you know better than me XD For a color scheme I was thinking darker red/gold or a blue/silver theme.
Extras: If you like I could include a summary of the story :slight_smile: I really love your graphics though and hope you have a wonderful new years! Also, I would recommend reading The Blackmail Dilemma by @bookwormsarah on Wattpad (or any of her stories really XD)

here is what i came up with. i hope you like it. let me know if you'll use it :)

accepted. please complete payment.

Do you want the girl in regular clothes or princess dress?

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Thank you so much!! I just followed you on Wattpad and added your story to my reading list. A princess dress would be amazing :slight_smile:

WOWWW IT’S FABULOUS :heavy_heart_exclamation: Thank you very much! I’ll be using it :slight_smile:

Yay! Thank you! Payment completed!

here is your banner. i hope you like it. let me know if you'll use it :)

I absolutely love it!! Thank you, will be using it! :blush: