Hey guys! I’ll be reviewing Young adult fictions.

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Favorite genres YA, Chicklit, fantasy, romance, short stories, humor.

What I don’t read Horror, stories with pages of explicit sex, violence or abuse, fanfictions, Vampires and werewolves.

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Title: The Game
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: In a place called The Dust Clan a girl named Claire Frost, life is forever changed when her name is entered in The Calling. Now it is up to her to try and keep herself and her family alive. Claire will have to make some of the hardest decisions in her life if she wants to live. She will soon learn how far one person is willing to go to survive.
PS: This book will be around 20 chapters long. It is mature only for the profanity. It does get a little bloody at times so beware!!!


Title: Ink Sisters
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Drakkor is a Fire Mage, a dark sorcerer who can bend flames to do his bidding with a quick snap of his fingers. Magic, however, always requires a steep price. His soul is dying, fading into the darkness after centuries of using up his energy to feed his magical needs. Drakkor needs to find the mystical five relics of Asterlyn to create a magical well called the Drift. Having the Drift at his command, Drakkor will be able to regain all of his former strength. Nothing will be able to stop him from becoming a supreme Overlord and wreaking eternal havoc across the world.
For centuries, the ancient relics have eluded him. Desperate to regain his strength, he seeks the help of experts on obscure treatments, but thoughts of the Drift are never far from his mind. He begins assembling a team of extraordinary minds to find the lost relics. In his extensive research, Drakkor may have finally found a way to retrieve them. He just needs the final pieces: two twin sisters named Lorelle and Leandra. Both are Ink Mages, sorceresses who record all the history of the Mirror Lands in their magical notebook named Syd. They are able to write the fabled heroes of the past into reality with a few strokes of their pens.
After bringing the brutal war hero known as the Seeker to life, Lorelle joins him to hunt for the relics. Leandra must remain with Drakkor and his team as a hostage to make sure her sister comes back to him. They are able to communicate by writing in Syd.
As the sisters delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the relics, they soon learn that both the past and present hold dark secrets of a time long ago. A time that was drenched in an ancient evil that may be much closer than they think. Can the twins uncover the truth before time runs out?
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TITLE: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess
GENRE: Fantasy, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy:
N OF CHAPTERS: 1-3 (you can read more thought if you wish)
DESCRIPTION: Sahara is a young woman living in the kingdom of Dasos, a ward to the royal family and foster sister to the young prince Nashoba. Found in the woods with her grandmother years ago, she is shunned by others for her poor origin, scarlet red hair, and a scar that most believe to be a consequence of witchcraft. While she longs to forgo the loneliness that never seems to leave her heart, she is resigned to live out the rest of her life in unhappiness and solitude. However, when Nashoba is abruptly kidnapped by shadow-like creatures and a mysterious branded woman, she throws aside her fears in a momentousness decision to follow her brother’s abductors. Suddenly thrust into an enchanting and spectacular world, Sahara must overcome her own insecurities and trust in herself and others to save her brother from a horrendous fate.
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Hey, my story is in the theme of Fantasy Romance that has some adventure in it. I hope you like it because you can easily be attached to the characters. I have 9 chapters currently and I update every Thursday and/or Friday. Depends on my mood :wink: I’ll take a look at your book later this evening if I have the chance to. Thank you!

Title : Fire and Ice
Summary : Thousands of years ago, the Azure and the Vermilion dragons started a war. Although no one knows how it started, generations upon generations of both of these dragons have been taught to despise and kill each other instantly.

The spirit of the dragons have been passed down to humans as a tribute to their kindness, but little did the humans know, that with the spirit of the dragons, came at a cost. The cost of instant bloodshed of each other.

The royal family of both these clans possesses the blood of the Azure and Vermilion dragon, who can shift from human to dragon at will. Many generations of the royal families tried to forge an alliance or a treaty with each other, but always end up betraying one another.

As a result from a new peace treaty, Princess Annamarie, the last Azure dragon descendant, is then forced into a political marriage by her own morals and principles with the brooding Prince Kyro who is popular for being a tyrant throughout the Vermilion Kingdom.

Although Prince Kyro seems to be the main threat at the moment, Annamarie has become aware of a larger threat looming above everyone’s head, including hers. As a result, Anna’s life is going to take a wild turn as it is going to be filled with adventure, drama, raw emotions, bloodshed, and a hint of romance :wink:

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GENRE: COmedy, Action, ROmance (nothing explicit)
NUMBER OF CHAPS: 5, and still in progress
Talia had always been a lone wolf. She couldn’t be bothered with people’s pointless drama, manipulative ways, or their bloated levels of self importance. Albeit, she’d always had a select few people that she would lay her life down for without a second thought. But when those close to her start to disappear one by one, she comes to face a list of struggles that end up pushing her to do things that land her in a pile of trouble. Though, as it so happens, she is rescued from her demise by a group of individuals that go by the name of Iris, and in exchange for their efforts they want her skills. Talia’s problems intensify when she encounters a very captivating young man, that Iris wants to take down. In a world full of lies she must determine the truths and take action accordingly, for decisions may be more fatal than they first appear to be…

This story includes: Spice, Humour, Retardedness, Romance, Embarrassing moments, Badass scenes, Badassness in general, Hot Guys, etc.





TITLE: Loving Ivy’s Colorful Mind
GENRE: Teen Fiction/Romance/Menthal Health
N OF CHAPTERS: 5 parts (prologue and 4 chapters)

I saw her, but she never saw me.

No matter what I did to break through her crystal globe of her mind, she still didn’t see me. I loved her from afar, more than I have ever, or could ever love someone. I loved her even though we have never exchanged a single word. I loved her because I could see how she saw the world differently. I was IN LOVE with her, because she WAS different. Just like me…

I was obssessed with her. I wanted to see her finally seeing ME. Because those dark and haunting eyes of hers, have been the first and last picture in my head, every day, for years.

Ivy’s mind is a mystery to me, and I want to uncover it, solve her.

I am in love with Ivy’s mind. I just hope one day I get to tell her, and she lets me love her the way only I could…

Ivryl “Ivy” Tesla is perfectly happy in her colorful little world which involves a stable and predictable routine, her twin and older brothers, and her two best friends from infancy. There’s the occassional darkness, but with Gabe, Dami, Mav and Ry by her side, she can overlook the darkness lurking in the shadows of her crystal globe. They are all she ever wanted, all she could ever care for and all she could ever need. That is, until one night she is saved by an unknown stranger.

Once Ivy acknowledges Liam Price’s existence in her perfect little world, she witnesses how little by little her crystal globe starts to shatter. She resists, but he is persistent. He purposely forces himself into her world, and soon she finds out that it was not as perfect or colorful as she had believed it to be.

In the end, Liam might just be the one to uncover her deepest secrets and darkest demons, but also, the only one who could force her into a world of the brightest colors… A world she didn’t even know it existed inside her mind… inside her own heart.





TITLE: When Life Gives You Lemons
GENRE: Teen Fiction
N OF CHAPTERS: Currently 15 (including the prologue)

Falling in love with your best friend’s brother is never a good thing, is it? Falling in love with both of your best friend’s older brothers? That’s even worse.

Emma Branson has always harbored a crush on Mason Masterson, her best friend Jessie’s so-called “brooding” older brother, but as Emma journeys through high school, she realizes it’s the middle brother, Caleb, who has always been by her side, leaving Emma in quite possibly the worst love triangle of them all.


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Title: Adventures of Prince Vajendra

Genre: Fantasy

Meet Prince Vajendra, aka the so-called spiritual Rishi of the continent of Vishaputra, a flat earth. He’s a man not interested in saving the world, but having his own adventures. A man that can talk with Gods, deal with flying airships, throw exploding bombs into the air. He must retrieve the powers that an evil Pharoah, named Nahakasha has taken from him. This story goes into a series of episodic sub-plots more than an overarching story.

Fantasy story.

Chapters: 5