Title: Ungodly
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Chapters: 5
Description: What would you do if you were given a second chance?

Follow Mercy as she goes through loss, hardship, and pain that comes with loving someone. All she ever wanted was to live an average life, with loving parents and friends. But instead fate had another plan for her. She is not what she thinks she is, nothing around her is what it seems like. Every step she makes is being watched by many. Waiting for her to fail, to lose herself once more. Join her as she travels to the past and learns about herself.

Is she going to make the same mistakes as before? Is everything going to repeat itself? Would she able to love the God of Darkness?

The old fat woman led her to a room occupied with kids mingling with each other. Every step they took the floor would cry. Some steps louder than others. That’s when she saw him. A boy with skin as pale as the moon. Haunting blue eyes, hair as black as night. He did not belong here.

He was reading on a worn out love couch. As if sensing someone’s stare he looked upwards and saw Mercy. She froze, he was staring back at her. His gaze so intense she felt that he was staring into her psyche. Going through her memories, learning about her. For the second time that day she was affrighted. She moved her gaze from him back to the woman that had let her in. She turned to face Mercy with the same look on her face as before. “My name is Umbridge, I will be your caretaker. Stay here and socialize with the other children. I will be upstairs setting up a room for you.” All Mercy could do was nod and watched as the matron left.


Title: The Roman Project: The Wronged
Genre: Science fiction/YA
N of chapter: 27
Description: Jeen and her brother Roman are the only one’s left to find their mother, who mysteriously disappeared one morning. She and Roman, who possesses mysterious powers, search throughout the city, hoping in vain to find her. But all at once everything changes. They’re kidnapped by a group of dangerous rebels, their intention’s unsure. As Jeen and Roman struggle to survive, a mysterious stranger and enemy aids them in escaping.
But escaping is only the beginning.
They find themselves running, and the more they run, the more they discover of their past - and their near future. They are no longer just searching for their mother, but searching to find the secret of The Roman Project, and the reason for Roman’s strange abilities.

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