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Title/Text: Regicide
Author: Sodemall
Subtitle:In this game, everyone’s a pawn
Ideas: skulls, jokers, madness, cards(deck), crowns, orange white and black theme
Pictures: I’ll send a pic via insta if thats okay?
Mood and Theme: dark - ish, simple, orange, white and black,
Anything Else: The characters in the book are a little messed up if that helps


Accepted. I think I have a clear idea of what you want.


Awesome, thank you so much!


Do you want my instagram so I can send you my source material for the cover?


Yes, but I’ll give you the source material I have already used to make the cover, so they match each other? and so you have it incase you want to use it :slight_smile:


What’s happening? Are you okay?


Sorry, my computer glitched out


Please credit if you use.



Banner ✓
Title/Text: Saila Reeves | Alden Lainey | Leanna Mathis | Ashlynne Creekmore (they’re separate banners)
Author: Burgandy Rhittee (please don’t add it)
Subtitle: n/a
Ideas: the background should be a rose garden, with glowing (the glow effect is optional) yellow roses (alternatively, red or pink roses are also okay or you can mix colors). Please, make it dark, as if it were night, and add the face claims at the center of the banners. If possible, could you make their clothes dark? Otherwise, it doesn’t matter.
Pictures: Saila | Alden | Leanna | Ashlynne. The face claims are respectively: Lydia Graham, Braeden Lemasters, Madeline Rae Mason and Jessica Ann Strother.
Mood and Theme: the mood is dark-ish but with hints of light; the theme is a mixture of fantasy and romance
Anything Else: the story is posted on @Rhittee


Accepted. Please allow me 1-2 days to complete your graphic.


Okay. Thx.




Please credit me if you use them. It was a bit complex due to having to cut out each model, badly, lol.

01 02 03 04


Title/Text: Adults Only
Subtitle: n/a
Ideas: Something with a flower or adult like
Pictures: somrying woth a lotus flower or a cool adults
Mood and Theme: haply and fun


Love them! Thx! I’m gonna use them.


thank you, will do!


Accepted. I’ll quickly make this before I shut down the thread.