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Title: Orchidea
Subtitle: /
Author: PaulaPespo
Faceclaim(s): /
Summary: Ivy falls down the stairs of her apartment and wakes up in another world - as an insect. Admittedly, she is a pretty, flower-like orchid mantis but she’s still a bug. Along with a strong but lazy warrioress, she finds a fortune-teller who informs her that the only way she can get home is by surrounding herself with “staunch” allies and fulfilling a prophecy she just made up. There’s a “villain” too, not quite evil but very self-conscious about the scarring on his face.
Ideas/Inspo Pics: I was thinking maybe an orchid as the backdrop? Pink or purple if possible, as Ivy’s a pink orchid mantis.
Payment Preference: Permanent follow
Answer to Question: Vlad Țepeș
Anything else?: The story’s a light-hearted portal fantasy, so I was hoping the mood of the cover could convey that?

Title: City Of Poseidon
Subtitle: (Optional) Chronicle of Olympus
Author: Hazel Banks
Faceclaim(s): (If necessary) No.
Summary: Seraphina finds in the closet of her new home is a portal through space and time. She accidentally travels to the Mountain Olympus were Greek Good’s live. For 200. years a very special gem was missing from the crown wored by Greek Goddess Athena. Gem hold a great pover that can bring back the dead. Seraphina happens to have the gem around her neck wich was a present from her grandmother for her eighteen birthday. She meets Nysse, a peasant girl who helps her figure out how to enter the City of Poseidon to find the lost crown a assembles it with the gem so she can return it before Morana, daughter of Medusa takes it to destroy Olympus.
Ideas/Inspo Pics: !

I want a cover like that first picture except I want a crown instead that ball if U can use only blue and gold colors. Like I want this fire or something to be blue.

Payment Preference: by commenting on one of your books.
Answer to Question: Abraham Lincoln
Anything else?: Nope, thanks.

Title: Creation From Nothing
Subtitle: (Optional): n/a
Author: V. G. Erydiel
Faceclaim(s): (If necessary): n/a
Summary: Linda Collins is an 18-year-old artist who has a bright future ahead of her. The problem? She lives in an abusive household where the only one she can look out for is herself and her little brother. Physically and spiritually broken, Linda is at an all-time low, so much so that she suffers an artists’ block when she needs an escape the most. One day when taking a long walk home, Linda stumbles upon a place that changes her life forever; but the obstacles in her path may block her from becoming the best that she could be…
Payment Preference: A permanent follow
Answer to Question: My favorite person from history is Cleopatra
Anything else?: My story isn’t published yet because I would like to have a cover first. If you want me to go ahead and post the preface/intro though just let me know!

Ideas: Linda is the main character here and she goes through a lot of trauma/abuse before finding strength spiritually (Christianity). Maybe something where she is kneeling inside of a church and the view is on her backside (we don’t see her front side)? Hopefully this helps! For the font, its up to you!

@PaulaPespo Accepted

@CJIris Accepted

@VGErydiel Accepted


Thank you & payment complete. :smile:

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@PaulaPespo @CJIris @VGErydiel

Just want to give you guys a heads up in case this changes anything. I’ve got a paid commission to do this weekend so it’s likely I won’t get your covers started until early next week. If that’s an issue, feel free to request from another designer. I still intend to make your covers even if you want to request from another designer, unless any of you decide you don’t want one. It’s just going to take me a few days before I’m able to start on it.

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Hello! Ive been scolling all day and I love your work and would love a cover from you. I do ony have a prelude posted but i plan on posting new chapters every week and i intend to keep the cover permenetly.

Title: Lace Without Chains
Subtitle: (Optional)
Author: B Sobocinski
Faceclaim(s): (If necessary)
Summary: Cliona has spent her life reaching for a freedom that has always been just over the horizon.

No longer a vassal to the pits, she sees only one option to pay back her debts and finally be free, marriage. But when her past comes back to threaten her dreams she has no choice but to put her faith, and heart, in the one man she knows she shouldnt.

Isiah has spent his life running from the responsibility forced upon him.

With his brother dead and his family seat in shambles, he resignes himself to what he does best. Fight, drink, and whore his way through An Mac Tier. but when Cliona’s secrets begin to unravel, he finds himself face to face with a challenge he would give everything to win.

Ideas/Inspo Pics: Its a rather dark story about finding the light so to speak. i was thinking of maybe a ground veiw where you can only see the feet and calves and maybe the hem of a dress, stepping towards a doorway with light coming through it. illuminated on the floor is an open book, a thick metal chain (either tangled with or not) a strip of red lace (kind of the size of an ace bandage width wise) a single red lotus flower and lotus petals scattered around (or a hand coming from the top holding a lotus flower just make sure it lines up with the legs so though you cant see the rest of the body you know its there), these are just thoughts though im not a designer and i would love for you to kinda go nuts and make it awesome, which shouldnt be hard for you.
Payment Preference: Follow and cooment

Thanks for your consideration!

If you don’t mind waiting a few days for a cover, accepted.

Ya no problem and no rush. i got so caught up looking at the covers i forgot the thread said closed!

Thank you!

No worries. Once payments complete I’ll add you to queue.

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No worries! I don’t mind for the wait. I’ve went ahead and posted the prelude and chapter 1 if you ever want to check it out. The payment has also been completed.

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Not a problem at all. I’m in no particular hurry so I don’t mind waiting. Take all the time you need and thanks for the notice. :slight_smile:

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No worries! I don’t mind for the wait.

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Payments complete!

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do you have any premades?

I have a premades book on my wattpad.

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Title: Salvatore’s Grace
Subtitle: I can taste your heartbeat
Author: A.E Gale
Faceclaim(s): barbie ferreira and Theo James
Summary: Gracen Galecki was in most cases your average 25 yr old. Until the Salvatore siblings entered her life like a storm of passion, bertrayl romance and blood shed.
Ideas/Inspo Pics: For the background rather a fancy building (apartment or hotel) or maybe a outdoor pool. I’d like for both Barbie and Theo to be the main focus maybe a somewhat serious tone maybe Theo with a little bit of blood on him? Or if using the pool idea some blood in the pool? I’d possible David mazouz Aidan Gallagher Rowan Blanchard in the background would be awesome but not necessary.
Payment Preference: comment
Answer to Question:Joan of arc
Anything else?: it has the intro up and I just have go over the first chapter again before posting


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I’ll definitely use it, thank you so much!!


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