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Something like this maybe?

Vee This the best I could find for my character Vera


Selena Gomez.


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Title: Queen of His Heart
Author: IntrovertedJEM
Faceclaims: Brett Dalton and Yara Shahidi (but you do not have to use them. It could be stock photos).

In their Lycanthrope world, mates were life. Up until meeting their mate, the wolf and the human are incompatible. Internally, it’s a constant battle field for dominance between the two forms. Mates civilizes and brings together both forms. Mates were the liaison; they simultaneously calmed the beast and set fire to the soul.

King Adalric Romanov was now over three centuries old. His madness was beginning to consume him. He knew it would only be a matter of time before he would become a tyrant in his own Kingdom, ruled by unadulterated rage and aggression. His wolf was consuming him. His human form was losing the war that brewed deep within him.

When Adalric killed a prisoner, he knew that it was a true sign of his downfall. The following week, he scheduled his death. He would have his Beta kill him in order to preserve what sanity he had left. He never found his mate and he had accepted that.

But when a certain girl stumbles in front of him, he can’t ignore his intrinsic reaction to her. It was as if he was finally living. Colors seemed brighter. Sounds became clearer. And for once, his raging beast calmed. He was at peace.

But the girl in front of him was only eighteen. She had not lived as she should have before being tied down by royal duties and his sullied love.

She needed time, and he would wait as long as he could.

All along she believed he didn’t want her.


“Of course I love her,” he said. “You only give people you love the power to destroy you.”

Ideas: Basically, I want innocence radiated through the cover. Preferably pastel colors contrasted with his dark disposition if that makes sense. You can literally do whatever you want.

Payment: Permanent follow!

Answer: Ching Shih

Do you know of any covers or graphics that wild be a ballpark of what youd be into?

Something like Cold Blood by BootyFoolish. Basically, and cliche like, she’s the light in his life, and he’s her guardian.


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Title: A Warren of Woes
Subtitle: (Optional)
Author: Alana Rachel Parker
Faceclaim(s): Millie Brady (from Last Kingdom) - or a girl with pale skin, black hair and blue eyes (think Snowwhite) -
Summary: Leoffaed Cardor hates fairytales.
They are a constant reminder of her missing memories and her Impossible Things, creatures only she can see.
At eighteen, after a lifetime of pills and seeing shrinks because they thought they knew better, all she wants now is to play her cello. Yet on the day of a really important audition she is attacked by hounds made of shadow.
Her only hope for saftey - A motorcycle riding knight and a blue haired mage.
Leo is forced to take santuary in the very realm that birthed her impossible things.
But events don’t get off to a great start when an arrow wielding assasin is sent to kill her.
She has no idea, but she only has until the Queen’s Tournament to find out or she may just be placing her head on the chopping block.
Ideas/Inspo Pics: it is a fantasy setting, with a girl from the modern world. i imagine Leo standing in front of a portal similar in fashion to these images from la Bele et la Bete movie.portal

-the kind of ripple effect. but Leo is looking back at the reader through the cover.
london is on her side of the image.fa10975b78f2e3868bb299387a41b98b
and like this image: we see the assassin on the other side, but because she is looking at us she doesn’t see them.
df30ccf118e4720f3c99d449421a7811 21deb0f0b78f8ecce100f36a56dfa613 Behind them would be the fantasy setting. Either a castle or a forest. if metalic gold could be included somewhere, like in the title would be great –
Payment Preference: Permenant Follow ( i would prefer to read your work from the beginning)
Answer to Question: Hellen Keller
Anything else?: Think Sarah J Mass, and Grisha Trilogy. Each POV’s story is lightly influenced by a Fairytale or Myth from around the world. it would be awesome if you could see the two worlds, similar to this picyoung-couple-touching-hands-through-glass-closeup-picture-id829908-001
If you want more details on the story, please ask. :grinning:


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