Ok, so this is gonna be the new request journal I’m working with because it’s clearer and easy to read and all that fun stuff.

Requests are Open
Because I need a lot of practice with doing actiony drawings, in environments and stuff like that – because that’s gonna apply to my major lol – I’m not gonna be leaning towards doing singular characters with a bored expression and non-movement pose on a blank background. Of course, if you really want that, you can dm me and talk about actual commissions on the DL lol Wink Razz

Soooo now what will you receive if you request?
Not necessarily anything, but it can range from any of the following:

  • Lineart
  • Sketches
  • Flat colour
  • Lighting
  • Full shading
  • Full rendering

Honestly whenever, it may take a day or a week. I’m a college kid so this isn’t exactly my priority


  • No reposting without permission and credit/don’t edit the product
  • Don’t badger me please, I am enrolled in college so I am kinda busy
  • Even if you do all of the things to the rules, I may not do your piece. It depends on what I want to do. Plain and simple.
  • Comment ur fav character so I know you’ve read this. If you don’t I’m not doing your request because that means you didn’t read it
  • No furries, offensive material, NSFW, etc
    • If you have a question or aren’t sure, just ask
  • You can request for your OCs, fanart of existing material, scenes, cuddly stuff, etc
  • If I ask you a question and you restate or link me to a google search instead of a direct image I’m not doing your piece. It’s a pain in the butt to figure out so please don’t do that

Comment below with your request, and provide some ideas with posing, expression, scenes, etc, and reference sheets or preexisting art

(Include hair, eyes, skin, personality, physical description, accessories, clothing, etc etc)

In case you’re wondering, I draw like this:

Alli by KathrynMarie-ArtPortrait Practice by KathrynMarie-Art

Lacey and Thalia by KathrynMarie-ArtA4-3 by KathrynMarie-Art

Quick psa ! Because sometimes people don’t read or get the message which whatever but:

If I reply to you: generally need more info. Don’t just restate what you said, give me more
If I don’t reply/reply with saying sorry: not doing the piece
If I don’t reply to you after asking questions: not doing it
If I reply to you saying I’m doing it: I’m doing it. Bottom line.

I reposted this because a) want some different requests b) the last one was getting cluttered c) um please don’t copy-paste your request from the last because if I didn’t do it; usually means I didn’t want to do it or didn’t know what to do for it so yeah.

Also go nuts I want cool characters to draw; don’t give me boring poses because I draw too much of that stuff and wanna change it up :slight_smile:


Protip when requesting, use this form:

Character Name;
Character Description (physical);
Character Personality;
Colour Scheme;
Anything Else;

Also using lots of reference photos is very, very, very helpful :blush:

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Hi! My fav character is one of my own called David
Character Name; Caoimhe
Character Description (physical); Short, she’s Fae so her bone structure is sharper than normal, long pointed ears. She’s got black hair that can look green in the light that she keeps in an immaculate bun on top of her head. Her eyes are entirely green, no pupil. If she smiles you can see her teeth which are all sharp and pointed. She’s got pale skin, that’s slightly green,
Character Personality; Closed off, reserved. Emotionally repressed. Has good intentions.
Clothing; very basic jeans and a hoodie, rarely bothers to wear shoes.
Accessories; none
Colour Scheme; greens, blues
Posing/expression; cross legged on the ground, like a meditation pose looking ticked off.
Environment; if possible sitting on ice and frost, any nearby flowers completely covered in ice


Anything Else; nope :slight_smile:


Hope this helped


References mean visual representations for what the character looks like, like what her hoodie or bracelet look liek because there are hundreds of variations of things like that

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Thanks for the offer. Here’s mine if you have time, been looking for people to do art of a certain scene.

Character Name; Rebecca

Character Description (physical); A woman in her late 20’s to early 30’s, skinny, long greying hair.

Character Personality; Intelligent but distraught and mentally afflicted, “seen too much” -type deal. Smokes a lot.

Clothing; Plain grey, loose sanitarium clothing

Accessories; None

Colour Scheme; Grey. A black & white pencil sketch would work perhaps the best

Posing/expression; Sitting on a bench with a smoking cigarette, hunched & staring forward, empty / thousand yard stare

Environment; A heavily fogged inner garden of a mental ward. Plain wooden bench, a small koi bond next to it, some vegetation.

References; Go see (link points to the relevant second chapter): Rebecca

Anything Else; With permission, this drawing / sketch would be included into the image gallery of my upcoming website. The author will be credited, naturally.


hi, references refer to pictorial references, ie an actor she looks like, other drawings of her, etc etc


Character Name; Gliss Briar
Character Description (physical); She has dazzling emerald colored eyes and loves pink. She has shoulder length light pink hair that goes down in soft curls.
Character Personality; She’s shy and sweet, and couldn’t harm a fly. She’s a former ballerina and thus a very talented thief and pickpocketer!
Clothing; I was thinking something like this something form fitting and tight leather in one of these light light pink colors. This isn’t super important, so any pink outfit will work! She also wears pink ballet slippers that lace up to her high calf/knee almost
Accessories; the pink ballet slippers!!
Colour Scheme; lots of pink. She’s very girly so all shades of different pink would be really cool!
Posing/expression; THIS
Environment; I don’t really care! I just like the look of her hanging in the rope like she’s about to steal something
References; 1 // 2
Anything Else; The only super important thing I would love for you to make sure you include is the pink ballet slippers. Reference 2 is exactly how I see them, thank you for considering :slight_smile:


I didn’t see anything about request limits so I figured I’d keep sending requests and pray something catches your fancy :joy:

Character Name; Faye Adara
Character Description (physical); she has raven black hair in a very tight high ponytail, with blue eyes with lots of gold in them.
Character Personality; she’s very high class and glamorous and sparkly.
Clothing; These kinds of dresses? Not too particular. As “glam + sparkly” as you can make it because she’s a princess, but a white long dress works!
Accessories; … a baby bump? Does that count as an accessory? :joy:
Colour Scheme; she wears all white, and silver, and glitter. But very pale and “clean” colors
Posing/expression; This holding onto her baby bump and looking up.
Environment; again I don’t mind too much with the background, I just want the main focus to be the character, so you can do as little as you’d like :slight_smile:
References; Dress + Position // Hair // Makeup + Hair //
Anything Else; nopeee


Hi, I’m Haruka.
Character Name; Lawrence Tarrannt
Character Description (Physical); Tall, short Wavy Dark Brown Hair, Brown eyes, Fair skin, Medium frame, and perhaps 5’9 in.
Character Personality; Flirty, Tender, Sings Well, Relaxed
Clothing; Classic Vampire Costume (female), Black Tank Top
Accessories; High Heel Shoes, Black Tights, Earrings
Color scheme; Black, Red, Gold, Dark Brown, Regular Brown, Peach, Ivory, Black
Posing/expression; Seductively holding his microphone with one hand
Environment; If Possible being on stage, any fog covers the stage



This text is Hidden





Anything Else; Nope.


Character Name; Jason Miller

Character Description (physical);


Hair color/hairstyle: Short curly black hair

Skin tone: caramel

Eye color: dark brown

Body build: thin

Character Personality; He loves nature and is very optimistic. He can be a little naive. He is very intelligent. He is a bookworm and is sweet. He is sensitive and is often told that he makes people uncomfortable.

Clothing; White sweatshirt that says Honey on it, ripped jeans, white shoes

Accessories; None

Colour Scheme; white, brown, blue, red

Posing/expression; smiling and he should be sitting

Environment; Maybe sitting in the grass of a meadow or sitting in a tree

References; General Look outfit

Anything Else; Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale


Character Name; Charlotte Hudson

Character Description (physical);


Hair color/hairstyle: black curly hair

Skin tone: espresso

Eye color: grayish greenish

Body build: athletic

Height: 6 foot 2

Nose Shape: Crooked

Character Personality; Persistent and determined. She can be stubborn and slightly hard-headed. She likes to get down to business when working and is very straightforward. Sometimes she can be a little nosey and invade people’s privacy. When not working, she is a sweetheart and is down-to-earth.

Clothing; white and pink dress with pink heels

Accessories; Golden necklace with moon crescent and a golden ring with clear jewel

Colour Scheme; white, pink, black, brown

Posing/expression; smirking with her hand on her hip. Holding a microphone (She’s a reporter)

Environment; In front of a building or in front of a video camera

References; general look skin tone outfit ring Necklace

Anything Else; Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale


Character Name; Blaze Jones

Character Description (physical);


Hair color/hairstyle: short messy brown hair

Skin tone: porcelain

Eye color: dark brown

Body build: lean

Character Personality; Easily upset. He wants everything to go his way. He’s a perfectionist. He is clever and a fast runner. He has a dry sense of humor. He acts tough to cover up the fact he’s a giant teddy bear.

Clothing; Black turtle neck, grey pants, brown trench coat, White shoes

Accessories; glasses

Colour Scheme; brown, white, black, grey

Posing/expression; Arms crossed with a frown on his face

Environment; He should be on the porch of a house or in the doorway of a house

References; General Look skin Tone Outfit glasses haircut

Anything Else; Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale


Bump, still taking requests btw


Was mine accepted?


Hi! I need your help with this

name: Drem, The dark lord

appearance: He seems like a tall and thin man of 45 - 55 years with a very pallid skin, silver hair, crimson eyes the right one being pierced by a large scar, and a black aura around him (he seems like that in this case because he can change his appearance if he needs to)

personality: a cold calculating, intelligent, charismatic, half evil and swindler entity, king of the dark world and master of obscure arts, he usually sees people as pawns in his game and only uses them to accomplish his own objectives but he knows when its better to act in differents ways.

clothes: a long gray leather coat covering the main part of his body, brown old shoes and gray pants.

accessories: in his hand he holds a black cane with a red eye on the top, he have a golden watch, a black scarf covering his face only leaving exposed from the nose to the forehead, and also a black leather hat.

Colour Scheme; dark gray, black and also white

Posing/expression: standing on his side with his arm outstretched holding his right hand stick, from the eye of the latter comes a red light that opens a portal to a very bright corridor, his expression is neutral, only seeing if everything is going well with the portal

Environment: A dark and misty place, like an infinite vacuum, the only thing that can be seen is a flat gridded floor


-environment: image

his eyes are like this:

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Hi MakosEyebrows, it’s me again the girl that asked you for time traveling girls and they turned out wonderful! I noticed you wanted to draw action art and I was wondering if you’d be interested in drawing scenes from my story about 4 girls who find a twisted version of their school, fight monsters in it, and try to discover the secrets of it and their own school. One I have in mind is a scene where the protagonist is woken up by her big sister. I’ll fill out the form if that’s what your looking to draw I just want to know if you would be interested or not.

My favorite character is a tie between Jordan, Iris and Phoebe.


I might try Charlotte, but not sure yet…I might do a headshot of her

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