Sorry, I won’t be doing your request


I’m interested, so I would love for you to fill out a form so I can see if I can do the piece

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K i know this is hella late but can I draw Faye? ?She sounds so adorable!! (projects picked up so like ya know kinda got busy) I don’t think I can draw Gliss but I can always give it a bittt of a try

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If I did not reply, you guys are denied. So sorry for this being hella delayed and stuff, but finals and projects popped up and those take priority.


Awh I would love that! Don’t worry about Gliss, I’m super excited to see your take on Faye!

Here’s some more information if you need it :slight_smile:


oh my god that link and the way you laid it out is everything I love that thank you so much !!!

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I can probably do a headshot of him, but I’m not so sure about a full body drawing. I’ll give the sketch a go




I’m still working on making it look nicer and adding more information, but I’m so glad it’s helpful!! :slight_smile:




hair, eyes, skin, personality, physical description, accessories, clothing, etc etc

The scene has 2 characters in it


Age 12

Black hair cut like the hair in photo 1

Blue eyes

Tan olive colored skin

Her personality is a moody and glass half empty kind of person but she is also helpful, a good leader, and is willing to forgive someone who is truly sorry.

She is a relatively normal 12 year old girl. Although her body is noticeably “fit” due her athletic passion.

She wears a dark blue baseball cap in her normal clothes and her sister Eclair is going to put it in Rue’s face trying to wake her up

She is wearing the pajamas in photo 2


Age 13

Hair that is dirty blonde, cut like in photo 3 except without a hair pin and has bangs like in photo 4

Brown eyes

Tan olive colored skin like Rue has

She is optimistic, energetic, outgoing, and even a tad air headed if you know what I mean and yet she is also a gentle and caring elder sister to Rue.

She is very tall and muscular for her age. She is much taller than Rue, even considering she’s the older sister.

No accessories

Pajamas like in the last photo

The scene I had in mind is the Eclair jumps on the couch Rue is sleeping on and presses Rue’s dark blue baseball cap against her face, Rue gets a startled look on her face as she jolts awake.

Let me know if anything is unclear. Thank you in advance if you decide to take this and if you don’t thank you for your valuable time.



Hey hey hey hey hey!!! I finished the request, and because I’m playing with a new colouring style and stuff, so it’s a little wonk. But I love how it turned out and I hope you do too! If you use it, please credit me through my instagram (KathrynMarie.Art) :blush: Thanks so much for the request!


thank you! :slight_smile:


Name: Andrew Janes

Appearance: A 20-year-old college student. Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin. Has a little facial hair. He has a small scar on the left of his forehead because of falling down as a kid. He’s kinda tall (like 5’10")

Personality: Kind of a reserved kid when you first meet him but really outgoing once you get to know him. He can get very intimidating and scary when someone makes his really mad. He also stands up for the little guy.

Clothes: Army pants, the tan army issued boots, army dog tags, army issued hat, and an army green shirt.

Accessories: He sometimes wears glasses The plain black ones

Posing/expression: He’s sitting on the ground and leaning against a bunk bed writing a letter. He’s using his legs as a makeshift table to write the letter. He has a slight smile on his face.

Environment: He’s in an army barracks as stated earlier, sitting against a bunk bed. The barracks is dimly lite. The walls/floor/ceiling are all white.


Barracks: Unknown

Character: images-1

Clothes: camouflage-military-pants-men-trousers-us-tactical-army-pants-camo-cargo-pants-mens-baggy-cargo-pants-with-knee-pads


My favorite character is my own, Kohen.

Character Name; Demetrious Shaw
Character Description (physical); Tall, broad shouldered. Fit. Square Jaw, thick brows. Dark hair that is perfectly styled. Aristocratic nose. Broad smile and blue eyes.
Character Personality; He’s the leader, sassy and a genius. His confidence is unbreakable.
Clothing; Like a black body leather suit with a blue stone at the breast-bone.
Accessories; If his arm is exposed, he has a blue dragon tattoo running along his inner arm (tail at elbow - head at palm)
Colour Scheme; Blues and whites.
Posing/expression; image
I really like the third pose from the left.
He’s always laughing, joking - everything in life is a big joke to him (except for books)
Environment; Maybe a library behind him or the sea.
Anything Else; No, thank you.If you have any questions, please ask away.


Sorry, I won’t be doing this request


I can try with this one, but I’m also a bit unsure if it’ll turn out too well lol


It’s fine :smiley:


Character Name; Fjora
Character Description (physical); 5’5, quite slim, tanned skin, red-brown hair that is quite long and wavy (think waist length), tattoo around her right eye. She sometimes has her hair half up in a bun.
Character Personality; She’s bright and enthusiastic, innovative and experimental. She loves being outside and is a talented archer.
Clothing; Usually a brown linen shirt, black leather leggings and black boots.
Accessories; N/A
Colour Scheme; Reds, browns
Posing/expression; Could I just have a portrait please? :slight_smile:
Environment; Either blank background or in a forest scene!

Anything Else; No, I love your art style! :D But my fav char? Vic from my own book lol

Character Name; Tia Gunns
Character Description (physical); Tia has short brown ombre hair, pale skin, freckles, and Green eyes. She has a deformed hand so she wears a robotic one to help her in her day to day life.
Character Personality; Tia is a very bubbly girl who will do anything to protect her family. Her older brother looks down on her acting care free and childish around guest but she doesn’t care.
Clothing; her boots ,her jacket, Her shirt, her shorts
Accessories; She wears a Galaxy flower crown which looks like this, she also is holding a gun this
Colour Scheme; She has a very Space theme to her so, blues purples blacks and silvers work for her.
Posing/expression; I would like her holding a gun towards the viewer with a scared expression. this and a mix between frightened and suprised
Environment; The environment could be a slightly light alleyway with her doing the pose.
References; All the links are in the other things
Anything Else; Nope!