My favourite character is Alice from my book and also Mila that is from “My Mate is a Fairy!”
Character Name; Annabelle
Character Description (physical); Annabelle has long light brown hair, milky skin, has a little bit of freckles on her cheek, and blue eyes.
Character Personality; calm, mature, sometimes she has depressed look, but she tries to hide it. She likes kids and animals.
Clothing; Light blue gown.
Accessories; She doesn’t wear any accessories.
Colour Scheme; Blue and Purple works, Green will work too if you put her in nature environment.
Posing/expression; You can make her stand and have her hands holding together/ she has a gentle smile and gentle look on her eyes.
Environment; on the balcony at night (You can just paint dark blue background with some yellow dots as a stars, or something like that)
I would like to have her hairstyle and dress from the photo :slight_smile:
Anything Else;
Nothing I will mention your wattpad name in one of my chapters in the book :slight_smile:


I can give her a try, but any extra information may be helpful :slight_smile:


Sorry, I won’t be doing this request


I can give this a try but I might not do that pose specifically


Sure thing! VERY thick lips with a deep curve in her cupids bow, her eyes are a deep green shade. She wears dark red lipstick most of the time, and black eyeliner that complements her thick black eyelashes. She has scars on her ribs (not reaally relevent), and one ear piercing through her right ear. Her tattoo is made from a dark red ink. Her cheek bones are very high and wide, but she has chubby lower cheeks. This WIP may help you a lil with the skin tone and structure!


I also don’t have a ref for clothes yet, but I can do one ^^


That’s okay, thank you anyways


Well ok :smiley:


Six hour flight so I’m working on some of these bois

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Bump requests are still open and I’m working on the ones already but then I’ll run out and bad news bears

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Have you decided whether or not to take my request? Do I need to fill out the form better?


Are you done with the drawing of Lawrence Tarrant?


Character Name: Couple- Rosie Farnsworth, Joshua Cassidy
Character Description (physical); Rosie is a small blonde Irish woman with delicate features and blue eyes. Joshua is tall and muscular, but not broad, and has hazel eyes with brown wavy hair. image2
Joshua image3 ! Rosie
Character Personality: Rosie is sweet, hardworking, and kind. Joshua is determined, hardworking, and headstrong. Both are not satisfied with the status quo.
Clothing; 1800s apparel- linen pants and button down shirts with suspenders for men, Victorian style dresses for women. Standard ‘pioneer style’ (Think When Calls the Heart, House on the Praire.) These images show bows on the front of the men’s shirts, but I would prefer just a plain button down.image3%20(1) image2%20(1) image4%20(1) image5%20(1)
Accessories; Nothing specific here
Colour Scheme; Colors found in nature only
Posing/expression; Romance/couple
Environment; Ireland/Outdoorsy
References; Listed above
Anything Else; None!


I’m not yet done with him, because I have been struggling a bit with this request. It’ll be done soon though


Do you have any reference images for the poses of the girl waking her sister up?

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Well the sister being woken up (Rue) had been sleeping on a couch with pillows like this first photo and her sister (Eclair) wakes her up by putting Rue’s hat on her face and landing on top of her like in the second photo. Does that help?