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Graphics Type: Cover
Title/Text: Undying Love
Author: M.C. Kapo
Subtitle: n/a
Ideas/Pictures(links only): It is a love story between the reincarnations of life and Death. Keiran: sweet innocent Keiran that is experiencing earth and humans for the first time. Evelyn: spunky, naive, has no idea about her role as Life. Contrast between the two. Lighthearted, but also tragic.
Face claims: Not fan of face claims, or at least ones that not totally visible
Anything Else: Here is an old cover for an olllld version
Password: GHOST


@ReeWritesBooks Accepted for both @Kryon777 Accepted.



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I’ll probably use the banner you create, but I’m not fond of the covers. Two of them don’t have the subtitle. Thanks, anyway.


Graphics Type: Cover
Title/Text: Thirst Trap
Author: Marie S.
Subtitle: N/A
Ideas/Pictures(links only): I want it to give off a lusty vibe. Also, a lot of the story takes place over Instagram, so if you think you could do something cool with that then go for it, but I don’t mind if it’s not in the cover.
Face claims: Jungkook and Jimin from BTS. I’m writing a fic about them.
Anything Else: N/A
Password: Ghost


@ReeWritesBooks I have no inspiration for your graphic, sorry.



Title: When I Was Alive

Author: Habiba El-Sadany (please write the name in a font that’s as big as the title and without ‘by’ or ‘a novel by’, thank you)

Ideas/pics: I don’t have any vivid ideas, but the novel is about a man whose wife gets in a coma but her soul is home; she talks to him all the time and so, and this happened because of a fortune-teller who once cast a spell on them. There can be a terrified man in the cover, or a hand reaching out for the other as the other lets go, a hand put on a window from the outside. I think it just has to be dark and creepy. I’m sorry I don’t have good ideas! But I really like your other covers so I guess you’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

Anything else: just write my name and the title in very big fonts please. Thank you!
Password: ghost


I have a question : Say, I order an icon but maybe don’t like it, do I have to necessarily use it for sometime?


Graphic Type: Profile Header
Title: IntrovertedJEM
Ideas: Dark colors, red and blacks to match my profile pic. I’ll send links soon.
Face claims: Henry Cavill and Yara Shahidi
Password: Ghost




Oh, ok then…Thank you so much! :smiley:



Title: Lovestruck

Author: Peter B.


Genre: Romance/Teen Fiction

I was hoping that you could do a book cover and show two characters and make their relationship complicated (can you do something like that?) it’s a boy and a girl and their ethniticies don’t matter. Fell free to get creative…

Password: “ghost”


I’ll accept if you give me more ideas