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Hey @ChicWriter3782 here are your covers!






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Hey @Vortex2005 here are your covers. I hope you like them!





Your welcome! Which one did you choose?

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The 3rd one

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Title: Blight: A poetry collection
Author Name: MitsunaAiri
Subtitle or important quote: No
Important symbolism in the book (any object, etc): Nothing really
Style/ important info about the cover: As simple as possible please
Overall mood: Something calm
Images (optional): Cheery blooms swaying in wind maybe
Other: Nothing, Good luck!


Title: My Billionaire Toy Maker
Author Name:ashleynicolexoxo1994
Subtitle or important quote:
Summary: Avelena is your average girl. But when avelena finds herself out a job while trying to pay for college she finds a job with an interesting boss will she give into her lust and desires or while she push away her only chance at love an happiness
Important symbolism in the book (any object, etc):
Style/ important info about the cover: any
Overall mood: romantic
Images (optional):

Character Aesthetics:
Name of Character: avelena
Gender: female
Physical description (hair color/type, eye color and race): long brown hair green eyes
Color of Aesthetic: idk
Their personality/likes/dislikes: haven’t decided
Design: whatever you see fit
Overall mood: dark and romantic
Cast (optional): any
Specific images (optional):
Other: its a rate r book

Title: The Path to Us
Author Name: Fallyn Sinclair
Subtitle or important quote: Love has the power to bind us together. It also has the power to tear us apart (have these on separate lines from each other please!)
Summary: It’s about a girl who had a falling out with a childhood friend and wakes up ten years in the future married to that friend. It’s much more complicated than just that, but that’s the basic plot lol
Important symbolism in the book (any object, etc): Pink clouds, clocks, stars
Style/ important info about the cover: A girl with her back to the cover as she faces a path leading into a collection of pink clouds with a clock in the center. There are a lot of dream sequences throughout the book and the pink clouds are an ongoing theme and time-travel plays a big part in the plot, thus the clock! The MC is also black (face claim is Kiersey Clemons if that helps lol) so she should have curly hair and be of color
Overall mood: Beautiful but slightly foreboding
Images (optional):

A color concept for the clouds! You don’t have to use this specific image though
Other: That’s all! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Payment completed!

title: him
author: L. T. Griffin
summary: romantic poetry book
style: probably simple
overall mood: romantic/love/happy
important symbolism: my favorite color is purple and my boyfriends is blue, I mention flowers a lot in the book too
Cover ideas: I would like the background to be light blue and for the title and author name to be in light purple (dark enough to be visible but not a dark purple) also, the picture to be in a light purple too (I have a few ideas that I will leave too)
(my favorite is the middle one)

I finished the payment too!!



Accepted, but I won’t be using your pictures for the cover. You would like a romance poetry cover so I will do it but since ur pictures are plain white and u want a light blue background, I am going to have to find different ones.

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Okay, thank you

your welcome

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