Club Guidelines and Rules Mega Thread - Everything you wanted to know, now in one place!

If you’re new to the forums or have been here a while and want to refresh your memory of what is and isn’t allowed, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you want to advertise your story, find writing advice, offer graphic services, or meet people and make friends, you’ll find the links to all the clubs, rules, and resources to make your visit successful.

Start your journey here.

:white_flower: Getting Started - Wattpad Community Forums 101 and the Wattpad Feedback and News Club

:white_flower: Share Your Story With Others - The Share Your Story Club and Story Requests

:white_flower: Writing Help - The Improve Your Writing and Genre Clubs

:white_flower: Feedback, Co-Writers, Book Clubs, Writing Groups and More - The Story Services Club

:white_flower: Meet People and Make Friends - The Cafe, Pub, and Character and Story Games

:white_flower: Where Graphic Artists Meet - The Multimedia Designs Club

:white_flower: Take Your Story To the Next Level - Industry Insiders Club and Nick’s Lab

:white_flower: As Wattpad Goes, So Goes the Community Forums


If you’ve never been to the clubs before, there’s information you’ll need to know and you can find it in


:rotating_light: :rotating_light: Before you can post a discussion or advertise your story with a link and cover, you’ll need to reach Trust Level 1. You can learn about the Trust Levels here. :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

While you’re waiting to reach Trust Level 1, you can read this thread which is a how-to for navigating the clubs.

Before you introduce yourself to others, here’s a guide that covers Wattpad ambassadors, forum moderators, and the culture of our Community forums.

If you see a problem or have a problem, you can use flags to alert the moderators. Here is an explanation about flags.

While you’re chatting with friends, you might want to share links to other websites. To find out which ones are allowed and which ones aren’t, go here.

If you’ve posted a question and found a solution, in some clubs you can mark your request as solved. Learn more about that here.

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Now that you’ve (hopefully) reached Trust Level 1, you can advertise your story in


This club has sub-sections for the most popular genres as well as a space for Spanish and German stories. When posting an advertisement for your story, make sure your story has a tag that matches the thread you’re posting in. Here is an explanation about how to do that.

If you’re not sure how to advertise your story, you can find the instructions here.

You’re also welcome to request stories to read. Here are the rules for


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The best thing about Wattpad’s forums are that they’re filled with writers from all over the world who are eager to help each other with writing.


Be sure to look through the other pinned threads in that club as there are a lot of resources for writers, like this one

And this one


The genre clubs are divided into separate popular genres like the Share Your Story clubs. Check out the ones you enjoy writing or reading, but be sure to read the rules first!


If you’d like to find someone to critique your story, an editor, a beta reader, a cover for your story, or other kinds of specialized writing help there are a lot of people offering their services in


Please read the rules before posting in these clubs.


Not all chat is about writing. If you’d like to talk about your favorite movies, your studies, the latest news, or share what’s happening in your day, you can visit our non-writing chat clubs.


The Cafe is the most active club and is a great place to hang out and meet people from all over the world.


The Pub is much quieter and tends to be the place where the more ahem maturely aged Wattpadders hang out. Grab a drink of choice and pull up a bar stool.

If you enjoy playing games that also improve your writing, you can do that in


By the way, if you’re interested in role playing, this is the place to find where it’s happening on Wattpad.


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For those who enjoy creating book covers, trailers, or any other graphic arts, and those who require graphics, the place where it all goes down is


If you’ve never been to the MDC, this is a thread that will help you to navigate the club with ease.

If you’re a graphic artist and would like to set up a shop, create a tutorial thread, get feedback on your creations, or simply chill with like-minded artists, here are the rules.

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If you’re interested in publishing your story off Wattpad, there is a wealth of information that can be found in


Traditionally published and self-published authors offer advice and encouragement on every step of the publishing journey here.


Get advice on how to improve your story from Nick, a content expert at Wattpad.


The basis for all the forum rules are Wattpad’s Code of Conduct and Content Guidelines. That means if something isn’t allowed on Wattpad, it’s also not allowed here. It’s a good idea to take the time to read them.