Clubs theme on web:


i know it says ‘username’ at the top–sorry! Will fix in about two hours. But…how are you liking the change?


Is the empty space always going to be an ad now?

(Other than that and the weirdness of mobile at the moment, I think it looks nice! *thumbs up)

Edit: Ok I just noticed that this box is hanging over on the bottom edge by like a stupidly small amount and it’s driving me absolutely nuts now that I’ve noticed it. xD



no! just testing it out, also will fix that box soon


Oh ok xD I was seeing that and wondering how others would take it.

Huzzah! Also, do you know much about why the locations of things are so wonky on mobile? (The screenshots in the other thread)




I was referring to the ones I posted earlier today but I’ve been on my computer since so I will go check!!


I just checked, it’s fixed but man is it ugly


Functional is much better than nonfunctional though!

Functional and aesthetic is best but functional is always great. xD


Reply button doesn’t appear on clubs theme mobile (not sure if it does on web). I can only reply if I click the direct reply button.


Same for me. The reply button is behind the post counts. I can click on it but cannot see it.


I had this issue earlier (see changes to clubs theme thread), it got fixed but Lauren is messing with it again because aesthetically it looks kinda bad.


You guys make me almost want to switch to the clubs theme to check it out :rofl:


Home and on the computer and the Wattpad logo gets lost on the orange bar on the dark theme. It’s like a ghost.


it’s a g :wattpad:ost!




LOL I like when I accidentally pull a stupid and leave the thread, my message I was typing is still there and I can still post to the thread LOL Not that two ghosts was a hard post to type again. I just accidentally leave threads all the time and would always lose what I typed.


OK sorry everyone! I hope everything is fixed now. I was offline for weekend :sweat_smile: