Clueless about tagging books? Click here plz

I swear I’m not tech-deficient, I just don’t know what to do with book tags.

Do you put general tags like the genre on your book (like #action #romance #adventure #sci-fi #fantasy etc) or do you put niche tags (like #scions #swamp #swords)? On one hand, the broader tags help define your book, but on the other hand you get lost in the crowd of 10k+ books also tagged the same.

And does anyone really search by tags when they’re looking for a book? I’ll be honest when I say that the only books I tend to read on here are when someone else recommends one to me, but then that raises the paradox of “you need to be visible first to become visible”

Plus, do the tag-based rankings matter to anyone? I used to search books based on how well they did on their rankings, but it eventually became obvious that many high quality stories out there aren’t necessarily going to be displayed as #1 in their respective categories.

Just curious if anyone out there is savvy enough to use these tags to their advantage.

Yes and no. I search by tags when I’m in the mood to read any random story in a particular genre. No, because I don’t generally search by tags, to be honest.

On a personal level, they do matter to me. With the tag rankings broken for more than a year, we learn to not rely on rankings alone for our story and open up to new vistas for marketing and publicity.


I didn’t realize that the tags were broken…I’m so out of the loop O.o

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Tags are not broken–tag rankings are :slight_smile: It’s been more than a year for them :see_no_evil:

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With the tag ranks broken, I tag the main and sub genres and the main themes. Even if no one searches them to find the book, it gives anyone who reads the tags after clicking hints as to what the book’s about past the blurb.


I think they’ve been broken since they were put in place. It just took a while for people to realize they didn’t work. :eyes:


That’s actually a good way of looking at it

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I use tags. I start with the genre and audience tags, then add some niche ones. Accepting that the tag rankings are broken, every so often I follow them to the rank list and use that as a random reading list generator. If I like the look of a book near my own ranking, I’ll read it. I’ve happened on a couple of good ones that way.

wait a minute. How are they broken? I thought I just didn’t understand how it works. So are you telling me that they didn’t actually work? hahaahah lol

I do a little bit of both: general and niche :grin:
You have lots of tags space in your book, use it!

Tags also are the way recommendations are given by Wattpad to readers. So if they read one book with a few of your same matching tags, WP may recommend your book to them in the future.

Check out the hotlists for each genre and see which tags are on similar books to your own. Use those. Definitely use genre tags, too.


Oh lol I didn’t know that but that also makes a whole lot of sense. I guess you learn something new every day :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a very good and in-depth post made by @DarlaCassic about tags and how to use them. Even though this post was created with the intention of helping users tag their stories correctly before posting them on the SYS threads, this might also come in handy for tagging on Wattpad in general. :smile_cat:


“People mostly do search books by tags so that they receive the content they were actually looking for in the first place. Also, they may not search by tags if the tags aren’t relevant to the story itself!”

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