Co-Writer: Fantasy Worldbuilding



Hi! I’m Liz. This will be my first time venturing into an original story in a while but I just couldn’t get the plot bunnies out of my head so I’m here looking for a co-writer to help me create a new story.

  • Do I want a co-writer or writing buddy: Co-writer
  • Genres I read: Fantasy, Fan-Fiction, Adventure
  • Genres I write: Fantasy, Fan-Fiction, Adventure (I write what I read lol)
  • What is expected of my buddy/co-writer:
    -someone committed and enthusiastic. This will be a long adventure I think. I’m really patient but I’d love it if you’d tell me before you disappear on me for months
    -someone creative with experience writing. I’d love it if we can create this new world together with our combined ideas.
    -decent handle on English grammar and spelling
  • Brief plot of story: Aerin Cross is unique. She is born with the ability to cross into the realm of the airborne, the realm of the earthborne, and the realm of the waterborne. Aerin Cross did not know of the existence of her abilities though. She’s an orphaned city girl, having lived in the city of Rivercastle her whole life. Her life is about to change in more ways than one, after she finds out about a prophecy relating to her.
    Aerin will be adventuring with two different people, one a long-time friend and another, an experienced warrior who’ll deliver the prophecy to her.

I got a lot of primary info ready and here’s a few:
Natureborne: Someone born of all three surface bloodlines. They are rare due to the tension between the kingdoms and the fact that the last Natureborne became a traitor. Naturebornes have gifts in handling all elements, enhanced senses from a connection to nature and a lot more to be explored.

Airborne - These beings live in kingdoms on clouds. They are hidden by special magicks that prevent human aircrafts from getting to them or even detecting them. The leading species are the Seraphim, angel-like beings whose power equates to how many wings they have. They can have up to six pairs. The airborne are known as scholars and the most peaceful of the other kingdoms.

Waterborne - one word: Atlantis! The ruling people are merfolk but we all know there are plenty of creatures in the deep. They live in huge cities underwater with stunning technology. They are inventors and innovators but extremely wary of outsiders. They harbour resentment to the humans for dumping all the trash in the oceans.

Earthborne - these are the classic Faefolk. Elves, dwarves, unicorns, etc. etc. They live on the land in a separate dimension to the humans. To access this dimension, there are portals in the forests. Just follow one of these folk. They are warriors, smiths and live with the land. They are the people that interact the most with the humans but they are very mischievous and be careful with your wording if you’re dealing with them.

Underborne - these are the beasts that lurke in the Underworld. Orcs, dark elves, imps etc. Their leader is someone banished from all three kingdoms and seek vengeance by conquering the surface world.

(Note: The three kingdoms are at a shaky treaty between one another but hostility levels are rising and the Underborne is bound to take advantage of that)


hello! i’ll gladly accompany you on your journey! i can help edit and write the story easy-peasy. message me when you get the chance!


Hi there! Sorry for the late reply. I’ll message you right now if your offer is still open


I’ll be happy to bounce a few ideas and comments back if you’d like.


“became a traitor…” Hmmmm. Traitor to whom? Bit like one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter (not something I hold to be a universal case but you get the drift).


Hi there. Everything’s still mostly vague but the last Natureborne did stuff that was forbidden by all three surface kingdoms and is now the leader of the Underborne who seek to conquer the surface world


Sounds good. I often found I’ve written something but don’t know why it’s as it is, only to write something a few weeks later and realise that it couldn’t happen without those little unexplained details I didn’t know why I was putting in earlier!


I can’t really put all details here otherwise the story might get spoiled. This was just something to inform a possible co-writer. :sweat_smile:


that’s fine. I wouldn’t want any spoilers! Just like I’m not going to say where any of my stories end up.


I would be more than willing to assist, it seems like an interesting project.


Hi, I’d gladly help, world building is my favorite part of creating stories (sometimes more so than the plot or anything else). World building is my thing. Check out my stories so you can see what kind of world I’ve already built in my series. Thanks!


@Netshaly hello thank you for offering but @Turtle-Balloon and I are working on it together already. If you want, I can ask her and if you’re really interested, we can all work on together via Google Docs. I’ll credit you of course :blush:

@JaceCarson ooh, interesting work. I might read it in the near future. Unfortunately, like I told Netshaly, I already found a co-writer though if you are interested, I can ask Turtle-Balloon and will credit you in the summary and in the chapters of the story :smile:


Genuinely love this idea! Im already looking forward to seeing the interactions between the various kingdoms. You could really explore how each kingdom/family have affected each others lives, and who will benefit from the treaty the most.
Who claims responsibility for the prophecy, does any kingdom claim her as their own?
The experienced warrior could even be the traitor but he/she conceals as to not defer from the plan of using Aerin to see through the true prophecy?

Sorry, gone off on bit of tangent here but great concept.


Oh no! Don’t apologise. Those are really great inputs! I’ve definitely gained a few ideas from your questions. Thank you :blush:


Any further help or ideas I can provide then please let me know. I didn’t realise you had already found a co-writer


When I click on your profile, I don’t find a link to your Wattpad user-name and so can’t find any stories. Am I missing something?


That should have been a reply to Jace! Not sure that it worked that way in the end…


I just search the users on the Wattpad app if I need to find peoplw :sweat_smile: I totally forgot about the profile link


Whatever works for you :slight_smile:


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