Co-Writer Wanted (LGBT, Fantasy, Adventure)


  • Do I want a co-writer or writing buddy: Co-Writer

  • Genres I read and write: Gay Teen Romance, Teen Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, and Werewolf

  • What is expected of my buddy/co-writer: I just want someone to write a new story with. I’ve been wanting to write a story for a while now but every time I have an idea, I get into a tiny bit and then I lose motivation and then just stop writing. If I have someone to write with, that won’t happen most likely and I can make a new friend :smile: Oh and whoever wants to write with me will have to be comfortable with the LGBT. I really want to write a good lesbian werewolf story because there aren’t really any good ones on Wattpad. Or we can write a lesbian Fantasy book. Either or is fine with me :smile:

  • What I can communicate on: Kik, wattpad messages, google hangouts, and discord

  • What we can write the story on: Googe Docs



Hello Violet! I’m Raquel, nice to meet you!

I’m just starting to write stories and, I also have a little problem with the motivation but… my imagination never stops, I´m always thinking about something exotic XD so… if you want to, we could help each other!
Feel free to text me on wattpad if you´re intesrested!

Have a good night! n_n


If you are still looking I am in desperate need for a co-writer although I am currently working on something and I don’t know if you might want to help me it’s complicated and a little confusing that’s why I need someone to help :grin: