Co-Writer/Writing Buddies Club Guidelines

Do you want to work one on one with another writer? This is the place where you can request a co-writer, or a writing buddy. What is the difference between a co-writer and a writing buddy? Writing buddies can be so much more.

The idea of the buddy system is to unite people who write and read similar genres so they can support each other as their stories progress. This can involve proof reading prior to wattpad upload, pointing out errors or plot holes, listening to ideas, being a one person cheering squad, or just being supportive of a fellow wattpader and reading. It also involves both parties reciprocating and helping each other.

Browse the existing topics first

To see if your perfect match is already here. To post a request, simply create a new discussion.

Wattpad is a positive community, keep it positive
Help authors choose you by letting them know what you love to read and write instead of what you won’t read or write.


  • Be sure your request is specific about what you want.
  • People have the right to decline an offer without having to provide a reason why.
  • If you have filled up your spots, please edit your title to say closed so people don’t continue to contact you.
  • Please note that vote trading is not allowed. So there shouldn’t be any mention of votes/stars/likes in your post. Monetary payment and off Wattpad payment (eg. a follow on other site) are also not allowed in the forums.
  • If you’d like to have your thread permanently closed, please flag the first post of your thread using the ‘Something Else’ option and ask for a moderator to close it. You can find out how to use flags here. Any threads that are inactive for over 30 days will be removed by the moderators.
  • Out of consideration for other authors, please only open one thread at a time. If you’d like to work on more than one book, edit your first post to include all of them.