You can request a co-writer or a writing buddy here by filling out this form.

  • Do I want a co-writer or writing buddy: Either one
  • Genres I read: thriller/fantasy/mystery/horror
  • Genres I write: thriller/fantasy/horror/adventure
  • What is expected of my buddy/co-writer:
  • I need someone who has a pretty open schedule, who’s available often.
  • To give HONEST feedback on my writing
  • To help come up with good plot points, that aren’t overdone.
  • I need someone who takes time to understand characters and the way they think/operate (its important to me, because the characters are the souls of my stories)
  • I like to use google docs/hangouts to communicate because wattpad’s app isn’t so great when it comes to messaging.
  • Brief summary of my current story (if applicable):

Avery Atwood is trying to be normal.

It’s been a year since she was released from a psychiatric hospital, after a public mental breakdown, and she’s hoping for a fresh start. But when she starts receiving strange calls & messages from a sadistic maniac, her mental state once again begins taking a turn for the worse. Threats are made. Secrets once buried painfully claw their way to the surface. Everyone becomes a suspect.

Struggling to keep her wits about her, Avery plays this lunatics game in hopes of unmasking them. But at what cost?

Something Wicked

MURDERER. THIEF. WHORE. These three words, an unusual visitor, and the discovery of a new kind of power send a young witch and her friends on a perilous adventure to truth.

Zaira had never been outside the walls of Wauxford, a school that had been established specifically for witches and wizards in Mern, her homeland. Her mother, the Dean, had made sure of it. No one in, and, unless you were a graduate, no one out. But lately, Zaira has felt something different growing inside of her… something dark, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to find answers. Even if it meant being guided by a complete stranger and leaving the familiarity of her home behind.


Enmity is a story I’ve thought up a lot of plot points for already. The characters have already been thought up. Most of their backgrounds already thought up. I know for the most part how I want the story to end, and I know a few things that I want to happen So if you are wanting to completely start a WHOLE NEW STORY, don’t reply to this one. I’m looking for someone to help me write it. It’s a psychological horror, so I need someone who can write with great tension.

Something Wicked, however, I haven’t come up with many plot points. I know most of the characters, I have a pretty good background story (that could be it’s own book, so I’ve been told). I know very few things that I would like to happen in the story. I haven’t done any world building so far for this either, it’s pretty fresh.

Thank ya’ll in advance :wink:

Feel free to ask any questions !!


I’ll help with Something Wicked. I love writing dark witches.


Sorry I’m just now seeing this :confused: I’ll dm you if you still want to help write :slight_smile:


sure thing message me


I’d love to help you out with something wicked, or any other fantasy esque ideas you may have since fantasy is my obsession! lemme know if you’re still interested!