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i. The Coder's Society
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  1. Please contribute knowledge in here. If you’d like to test code, use this thread.
  2. If you have any questions on how to do something, feel free to ask here!


September 22th, 2018

On August 7th, a coding loophole was discovered in The Coder’s Society that allowed the use of inline css. To make the loophole work, users must begin writing their code in the following format:

<span style=“font-size:;”>

Note: font-size:; must be first even if not used and span is the only tag known to work with inline css.

For more information on how to code, please seek the following thread:


have my masterlist:

<b>bold</b> **bold** __bold__ [b]bold[/b]
<i>italics</i> *italic* _italic_ [I]italic[/i] 
<font color="red">hello</font> 
<font size="300">hello</font>
<font face="times new roman">hello</font>
       [font="times New Roman"][/font]
`Preformated Text`

    More preformated text (four spaces) 

> blockquote

# Heading 1 
## Heading 2 
### Heading 3

[*]Entry 1
[*]Entry 2



Its okay but still needs work on

(basically the only coding that really works are like the stuff you can do in emails; except you need bbcode because we dont get all the buttons)


I’m going through the markdown tutorial right now.

I’ll let you guys know if I find anything out.

Edit: I added a lot of resources to the first post!

Also, this is apparently a feature too:

Inline <abbr title=“Hypertext Markup Language”>HTML</abbr> is supported.

Inline HTML is supported.


@stpolishook That is correct. Basic HTML works, but please refrain from testing here.


Sorry about that. I’ll delete






sorry if y’all already know this, but the html of here is 3.2. i think the old one was html 4 or something.


Meaning we have to learn completley new html or?


you mmust d o wn gr eade


It’s not that it’s running lower HTML, it’s blocking certain HTML for security purposes.

Continuing the thread re: MDC code

thot so


bbcodes that don’t work:

[shadow2=red,3,3,2]This should have a red drop shadow[/shadow2]
[frame=red]this should be like a background color[/frame]
[frame][frame2]This should have two background color boxes around it[/frame]/frame2]
[updown]this text should move the page from top to bottom[/updown]
[scroll]this text should move across the page left to right[/scroll]

I’ll add more as I find them…



Any questions?


@lumi how to make

  1. background color
  2. the image resize to something

my html doesnt really work here lol


[bgcolor = #ff0000]hm[/bgcolor]


Replace #ff0000 with any other hex code you’d like.

The word red works as well.

[bgcolor = red]hm[/bgcolor]


This is how I resize images, but there may be other ways to do it, too:

<img src=“” width=500 height=500>


The units for width and height are in pixels. If you define only one and not the other, the image will automatically resize to keep the proportion constant.

Here’s how it looks like if I define width only:

<img src=“” width=500>

And here’s height only:

<img src=“” height=500>

Oh, and I realized I never showed the original size of the image, so here it is:

<img src=“”>