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ok thank you loads Lum! ^^


Thanks for this, I’d been struggling with resizing images too.


Does anyone know how to centre things? Or how to make an image so that when you click it you follow a link?


To center things, do the following:


To put links in images, you do this:

<a href=“site_link_here”><img src=“image_link_here”></a>

Please note that the image link needs to end in .jpg .png or .gif in order to work.


Thanks a lot!

I didn’t realise the code like this worked. I thought all the code we got to use in the old forums was a no-go (not that I really mind that) Glad I can still link pictures though.

Thanks again!


No problem!

Some of the old code works here, but when I say some, it’s a very limited amount.

Post #4 has a decent list of what works here and what doesn’t.

If needed, I’ll probably make a more comprehensive list in the future.


Dropdown menu codes?


[details="Summary"] This text will be hidden [/details]


This text will be hidden


I almost feel like this thread should be pinned for a little while. That way incoming MDC members can find it easily to see what codes work and what don’t.


It was already pinned. :lumi:

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Oooh so it just got unpinned. Well ignore me then :laughing:



How do you center text? I read it was < center > text < /center > but that hasn’t been working for me


You have to use [center] and [/center] for each paragraph you want to center.


I was going to message you that I’d decided to pin this, but I got distracted. LOL Thanks for helping out! :katherinearlene:


How do you add videos?


Just paste the link and it should appear.


please can you help me learn some coding




I know a bit of HTML but it doesn’t work here