Cold War Kill Plot Question

Gonna be brave and start this off.

Hope I’m doing this right.

So, Questions. I have a new book idea and I need help determining if this plot point would be a major or a minor plot point in order to properly place it in the story.

For understanding reasons, the story is about an Android during the Cold War with a second used prime directive. He knows he’s supposed to find and kill but doesn’t know who.

The plot point is for him to spot or hear about a British and Russian ambassador and it sets off his prime directive, which would lead to him leaving the family that found him in order to pursue this corrupted prime directive.

Appreciative of thoughts. Apologies if this is the wrong question to ask in this place. If so lemme know and I’ll move it.


What is the question?


Help determining if the event would be a better turning point or a good small event. Mainly plot placement.

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This is likely a case of being too specific, such that I couldn’t answer whether your story plot should do X or Y, that’s more a writer’s choice.

But story relies on a turning point to happen in the first/second chapter. Basically, a story starts wherever someone’s life goes from normal to abnormal or gets pushed out of the zone. If you’ve already had this moment, I assume, then this is first step upon completing said journey.

If the premise is “Android knows he is supposed to kill someone but isn’t sure who” then their quest is “who should I kill?” and thus their first step would be to follow any lead that helps them achieve that goal as soon as possible. What else would they do if not that anyways.

Also I would not recommend a restriction wherein something major happens every 3 chapter. Things should be happening as part of the natural flow of an arc, which tend to grow in size and scope as the story progresses and you may end up finding yourself limited or rushed by having to drop something big every few chapters


Okay, if this is the wrong spot then you can just delete this. Wasn’t really sure I’ll just put it in the discord group and try to get opinions. Thank you.

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I wouldn’t say it’s the wrong place, there’s a question in here around determining what is a small incident versus a larger one, I think, or one on how to compose plot arcs within a larger narrative, depends on why you’re struggling to make this decision

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I’d say I’m struggling to determine if it’s a large incident or a small one.

(Once I get my computer I’ll rephrase to reflect that)

What was his first directive? Is the story about the Cold War, with the android playing a part? Or- Is the story about the Android discovering his second directive and fulfilling it?


His first directive was to be able to post as an Ambassador, locate Russian spies within British embassies, and then be loaned out to other countries so they could locate Russian spies and be rid of them. He was intended to find people through facial analysis and fingerprint analysis, which were not nearly as advanced then, but in the light of the fact they had an android I’m going with the idea that they had the technology, it just wasn’t as streamlined and still a government secret.

The Russian’s managed to discover the project, infiltrate it and hack his code to download a kill code. Basically they imagined they could use him to their advantage to identify non Russian ambassadors and assassinate them. Since he’s an off the record government project, it would be difficult to find and stop him.

The hacked code corrupted the old directive, though, which in turn determined the new code was malware and corrupted it. Leaving him the the vague instruction to find and kill, but who or what he doesn’t know and therefore cannot act until he has a target.

It sounds like it’s less a plot point and more the vehicle that drives the plot.

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Thank you for your thoughts!