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Welcome to ColorPoP Covers! A premade covers shop by a Fox 2!


This is @TheTigerWriter and @elfoxwood on my collective account @EnnaTigerFox. I already have Premade Covers by a Fox so I made this one a sequel. That’s a detail you didn’t need to know. Moving on! (Foxes have a guilty pleasure: tangents.)

Offering: Colorful, bright (good for thumbnails) premade covers. A NEW FEATURE ADDED! You can now ask for font type change and personalize your cover!

Payment: Not much, I swear. Just read a chapter from a story of mine on my @TheTigerWriter account. Payment details are in the shop.

Rules: Basically, be considerate customers. Also, most covers use non-copyrighted photos (these are covers for commercial use as well), but I do have a section using copyrighted-photos. Do not use these outside of Wattpad.

Examples of “commercial use as well” covers:

Note: “Music of the Stars” cover comes in two designs which you can choose from. Some covers have this option. “Dragon Eye Knight” has been sold :slight_smile: But there are many more covers in the shop!


If you want one of these, or one like it, you can find more in the shop. Make sure to read the rules, find the password, and fill out the form.

The form is here.


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this is me

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Want this cover or one like it? Check out the shop!


Want this one or one as awesome as it? Check out the shop! :smile:


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in business, guys :smile:

If you are concerned as to whether or not these are text slap, I can provide you with the original image.

New cover shop cover!
New font feature!

It’s spring. Everything is renewed :wink:

It’s spring! The birds are singing!

Here’s a featured cover with birds! If you want this one or one like it, check out the shop! :smile:


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New cover!

Want this cover or one like it? Check out the shop!



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