Colors aren't quiteeeee right but getting there on the light color scheme...


Does this help a bit? cc @Prisim @Makaylasophia


Had to switch back to the light version to check LOL Adds it a bit more personality, but I still want to see a little color separation between posts and threads, something so that it’s not just a solid wall of white or black (depending on which color scheme people pick) but it’s getting there!


@uncleL I think maybe you should add more options than two, make it even more customizable


I don’t know if too many options would be really needed. Don’t want to go too crazy on the back end. But I already dig the darker version. My dyslexic issues are most pleased :laughing:


Unpopular opinion, but I liked the white option.

It would be nice if it was kept as a third choice.


Boom, three choices now provided




Just goes to show you how all our opinions will vary! It’s definitely not going to be possible to please everyone, but very appreciative of @uncleL for giving it a try and listening to us!


Yes! And I’m already using the default, it’s much smoother and cleaner.


Could we somehow mute the background colors? Everything is super intense and it’s hurting my eyes the longer I’m on here checking this out. The Dark theme is no better for me, and dimming my brightness is really inconvenient because I have to keep dimming and undimming it, plus it doesn’t help. More off-whites or cremes would be appreciated so I don’t get a headache.